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YC propels 62 graduates into ‘hero’ nursing, radiologic technology professions

Two of Yavapai College’s acclaimed frontline healthcare training programs, nursing and radiologic technology, have propelled 62 graduates into “hero” professions. 

The college celebrated 51 nursing program graduates from both the Prescott and Verde Valley campuses and 11 radiologic technology (medical imaging) graduates based at the YC Prescott Valley Center during separate traditional pinning ceremonies this spring. 

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Spring 2022 YC Nursing Program graduates recite the “Commitment to Nursing Pledge” during a traditional pinning ceremony on May 15.

Proud throngs of wellwishers, including their instructors, mentors and clinical trainers, applauded the graduates’ sacrifices and perseverance in the two highly competitive and challenging programs, acknowledging that their countless hours of study and practice coincided with a global pandemic.

“Through the most challenging of times, these graduate nurses advocated for their nursing education, demonstrating determination to flex and adapt to the ever-changing demands and requirements of the healthcare world around them,” YC Nursing Program Director Dr. Marylou Mercado said in remarks during the nurse pinning on May 14 in the YC Performing Arts Center. “They stood strong to the challenges before them with minimal complaint, but rather with the attitude of determination and grit.”

A group photo of spring 2022 YC Nursing Program graduates on the stage at the YC Performing Arts Center during a traditional pinning ceremony on May 15.

Radiologic Technology graduate Jessicah Wellman, in her remarks during a May 6 pinning ceremony in the Prescott Campus Community Room, spoke of the strong bonds forged with her classmates, her instructors and healthcare professionals in the community while a rad-tech student. She was introduced to her classmates watching lab videos they created for her before she was able to join them in person at the Prescott Valley Center. “None of us had even met and we were already there for each other and we really have been since… I knew that these were the people who had my back and I had theirs.”   

Wellman said her cohort was warmly welcomed into radiologic technology facilities across Northern Arizona for real-world learning and skill building. “I think we’ve gained even more than strictly x-ray experience.” 

A group photo of spring 2022 YC Radiologic Technology Program graduates at a pinning ceremony May 6 in the Prescott Campus Community Room.

YC Nursing Professor Dr. Barbara Durham delivered the keynote at the Nurse Pinning saying, “It is hard to believe that this cohort started the program at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and look how much you have overcome and accomplished since then.” Durham imparted some final, invaluable advice to the graduates, including the importance of lifelong learning, kindness and self care, before welcoming them into the noblest of professions. “It has been an honor to be part of your educational journey. In my heart I know your future nursing endeavors are destined for greatness.”

All of the nursing and rad tech graduates have state exams to complete, but if historic pass rates continue for the two YC programs, the vast majority soon will be landing at healthcare centers across Yavapai County and the globe.

For information about the YC Nursing Program, visit Information about the “rad tech” program is here:

Following are the spring 2022 YC Nursing Program graduates:

Arnold Arias

Rylie Backus

Rebecca Bean

Erin Bentley

Emily Berry

Ekklesia Breed

Mikaela Brooks

Hayley Bruso

Alicia Calvert

Jessica Camacho

Gianina Cheatham

Cameron Cluff

Leticia Diaz

Kristin Doumert

Denise Dryer

Gabriela Gomez

Shailee Hamm

Marissa Harris

Jennifer Hood

Breanna James

Taylor Kirk

Cassidy Kline

Ashlee Lazzell

Rhianna Luna

Erin Markham

Kristen Martin

Yesenia Martinez

Jean Mikrut

Caitlin Moloney

Kyleigh Nations

Aimee Oium

Blanca Ortega

Brittany Passmore

Kaitlyn Rasmussen

Natasha Remington

Phillip Rinehart

Melynda San Agustin

Mikayla Sell

Chloe Sena

Mackenzie Sharon

Gabriel Sharp

Tailer Slemboski

Jeffrey Teller

Lorie Thwaits

Diane Tone

Anissa Urueta

Emily Vogel

Hannah Ward

Alisah Whalen

Cory Winder

Michelle Woosley

Following are the spring 2022 YC Radiologic Technology Program graduates:

Launi Benton
Jacob D’Angelo
Dawn Devos
Bailey Frias
Amanda Johnson
Svjetlana Kablarevic
Karissa Kottman
Alexandra Rowe
Alexander Skropeta
Xavier Vazquez
Jessicah Wellman


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