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Yavapai County Seeks Your Feedback On Traffic Study For Significant roads


Yavapai County Seeks Community Feedback on  Regionally Significant Corridors Study and Cornville Road/Tissaw Road  Roundabout Design Concept Report UNTIL NOV. 20, 2022 

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Yavapai County Seeks Community Feedback on Regionally Significant Corridors 

Study and Cornville Road/Tissaw Road Roundabout Design Concept Report

The Yavapai County Public Works Department invites members of the public to share feedback on current issues and challenges they face on Cornville Road, Pioneer Parkway, Williamson Valley Road, and Iron Springs Road. Feedback will help Yavapai County better understand current transportation issues and what potential solutions our residents and travelers would like to see along these corridors. 

The community is invited to learn more about the study and the Cornville Rd/Tissaw Rd roundabout DCR and complete an online mapping survey at: 

The survey will close November 4th, 2022.  

As Yavapai County continues to grow and change, it is imperative that the County proactively plan for the safety, access, and mobility of its most critical corridors. Yavapai County is currently completing a planning study and a design project to aid in improving four of the County’s critical corridors. These projects include: 

• Regionally Significant Roads Study 

o Cornville Road Corridor Assessment: SR 89A to Solair Drive 

o Pioneer Parkway Corridor Assessment: Willow Creek Road to Williamson Valley  Road 

o Williamson Valley Road: Pioneer Parkway to Shadow Valley Ranch Road o Iron Springs Road: Williamson Valley Road to Kirkland Hillside Road 

• Cornville Road / Tissaw Road Roundabout Design Concept Report 

Our Mission: “Yavapai County will serve and protect its citizens through efficient  management of all its resources to enhance the lives of those we serve.” 

The purpose of these planning and design projects is to develop a comprehensive long-range plan for managing the corridors and determining what, if anything, can be done to improve the corridors based on needs, public and agency input, and financial feasibility. 

For additional information please visit the project website at:



  1. The most significant issue is speeding and running of Red lights and stop signs. Especially on Iron Springs and Willow Creek and also on Gurly Street although I doubt anything really can solve that issue except monitoring. Round abouts have not had much effect so not sure on how they can help. Since some of the repairs on Williamson Valley that has been a great help there.

  2. electric monitoring of intersections that seem to be prone to endangering pedestrians, cyclists and causing accidents could expedite investigations into those responsible for vehicle violations. the eyes of surveillance cameras will will bring compliance. inner-city routes will should be supported by ADOT, Yavapai County and each township. Make fines visible to traffic and memorable.

  3. I was sideswiped by a huge truck with an extra wide flatbed while going around the traffic circle heading north off of the 89 to Willow Lake Road. I was in the inside lane when the truck flew past me on the outside lane.
    There is going to be a steady stream of huge trucks hauling dusty pozzolan volcanic ash through our cities and navigating 7 roundabouts on their way from Skull Valley to Drake Cement.
    Why aren’t they shipping their cargo on the railroad that runs from Skull Valley right to Drake Cement’s front door?
    Why are our roads going to be destroyed by this heavy traffic, why are our towns going to be dusted, and why are our vehicles going to be damaged when there is a much better solution?

  4. Having grown up in Prescott, in the 1960’s and 1970’s there were few cars travelling on Williamson Valley Rd. Williamson Valley Rd is now becoming a super highway with the growth north of Prescott. It has become a “shortcut” for those going to Chino to avoid the numerous circles on Hwy 89 North. There needs to be improvement on Williamson Valley for those turning left and right off the road. I often have to come to a complete stop when cars are turning left or right since there are few turn lanes. Many of the turn lanes are so short they are worthless as cars behind the turning vehicle still have to slow down or come to a complete stop. Either add more turn lanes for all the side roads or go to 4 lanes. I hate to recommend 4 lanes but it seems growth in the Williamson Valley corridor is only going to accelerate in the next few year. Williamson Valley Rd is in dire need of attention. Please address this need.

  5. Hwy. 169 starting at Hwy. 69. going toward I-17. a 15 miile stretch of hwy. it is a very busy 15 mile stretch of Hwy. passing is very dangerous and speed is very often the problem. passing is a big problem. but it happens at times when it’s not enough road space to do so. I have had to pull over three times so not to be in an accident with the on coming car or truck. there have been quite a few deaths on Hwy 169 also do to people try ing to pass. the Hwy is traveled very much now that more people have moved here or other close by towns use 169 to get threw to prescott. is there any way that the Hwy department could improve the road by widening the road. with all the homes and apartments going in, there is a need for improvement on this Hwy. thank you. carolyn

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