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Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan Outreach!

Yavapai County Development Services Department is holding an informational outreach event  on Wednesday, June 8th, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Ash Fork Public Library, located at  450 W. Lewis Avenue. Come see the staff from Development Services and find out information about the Comprehensive Plan update process. Your participation and involvement in this planning process is important! 

The Comprehensive Plan is the County’s roadmap for the future. It builds the long-term community vision for where to grow the county responsibly and what to protect in the future. It helps guide good commercial development in appropriate areas and identifies places of special significance that should be preserved and protected. 

Mortimer\'s Farm
Advert 39
Triple Creek Kitchen

The first step is to check out the Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan 2032 Update Website regularly. You can connect to the link at or scan the QR code below. 


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  1. I so love when they make meetings that only those who aren’t working or are retired can attend. Shows how much they really care about our opinions

    Well here’s mine…

    Prescott needs to stop forcing their city rules on us who live in a rural areas. What’s wrong with living in an RV as long as you keep it up. (This is because you told a friend of mine she couldn’t live in one on her own property.) We don’t need more development. In fact, we need less. I moved here so I didn’t have to fight traffic and you all are trying to make more by cutting up plats so it can be overbuilt here. We don’t need more development. There isn’t enough water to keep adding water guzzling homes and the idiots from the cities that don’t understand water conservation–not that our government does any better. I also love how you refuse to allow someone to live in an totally economic way because it can’t be taxed. All you want is more money for Prescott and Prescott valley by over building here like you have there. We need to slow down or stop all development of housing developments and keep all new houses to 40 acres or more. We should be allowed to live in an RV if that’s our choice. They sip water and electric and you should be thrilled at that in this time of draught. And what’s with charging people to use their own land? As long as it isn’t a junk yard and people complain, what’s the issue with that. My friend said she had to pay $3000 just to use her land and the was told she couldn’t have the RV there. I’d be asking for a refund.

    So there it is—keep your development south of here and leave us alone.

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