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Weekly Readings Based on Your Zodiac Sign: Week Of 5/30/22

Many people don’t know what astrology is. To put it in the most simple terms, it is the location of each planet at a certain moment. Astronomy is the study of the location of the planets, however, astrology is the study of the planets and how they influence you based on their location. Depending on the year that you were born, you might have a slightly different sun to look at then the dates listed, because the signs are off a day or two each year. If you know what yours is, just go straight to your sign. Otherwise, you can see the dates listed below. We start with Aries because it is considered to be the first zodiac sign.  

Aries: March 21 – April 19: Aries sun signs are encouraged to look into their friend circles and re-evaluate who they surround themselves with. While those around you seem all friendly and exciting, how are they really influencing you and are they influencing you in a positive way? If you take a step back from the situation, do you truly enjoy who you’re with or should you take some time and space to be true to yourself? This is a great time to take steps towards having healthy friendships and maybe only a few really good ones. In the long run, it will greatly pay off in your personal well-being. 

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Taurus: April 20 – May 20: This week, people that have Taurus as their sun sign are encouraged to chase their dreams and let go of things that have been holding them back. While it may be a vulnerable time to let go of the things holding you back, in the long run that is how you grow. Think of it like a snake, for it to continue thriving it has to shed old skin and expose the vulnerable new skin. This just might be your sign that it’s time to start being true to yourself. It will bring you new experiences in your life and while it might be a scary transition, it will be worth it. 

Gemini: May 21 – June 20: Anyone that has a Gemini sun sign is encouraged to be open in their life. It is suggested to have a childlike wonder about the world and to explore it. There are so many things you don’t know about life, so go out there and explore it. It is encouraged to explore mysteries you might not have known about, and to look at things from a new perspective. When was the last time you laid on the ground and looked up from something? Do you notice something new? 

Cancer: June 21 – July 22: People with the Cancer placement are pushed to focus on grounding themselves and not living in their fantasy world. Things come and go, but it might be a good time to reconnect with your roots. If you have a big desire, goal or dream right now, you might want to double check the logistics of this idea to make sure it goes smoothly. If you don’t have a big goal you are trying to reach, take the time to reconnect with those that you might have lost contact with and miss. It is a good time to have a strong foundation. 

Leo: July 23 – August 22: Those with Leo as their sun sign, is to focus on being more positive in life. This might mean simply seeing and noticing a beautiful item or it could be paying for someone’s lunch or activity. This week it is extremely important to point out, notice and appreciate the beauty around us as well as how we can find the silver lining in any situation. With the Leo being a fire sign, it can burn bright, so use that brightness to light a way in the darkest of moments. 

Virgo: August 23 – September 22: This week, Virgos need to let go of trying to “fit into social standards.” Everyone gets restricted at one point or another with the social expectations today. However, we all have dreams to chase and weird quirks that we want to express but don’t. This week, let go of the social stigma just a bit and see what happens when you are a bit more of your authentic self. People may dismiss you, others might praise you, and others might not even notice. How can you know how others will react if you don’t try a bit and see what the reaction is? Even if you let loose and it’s a bad reaction, you probably shouldn’t have been with that group anyway. So, take a breath and see what can happen when you are true to yourself. 

Libra: September 23 – October 22: People that have a zodiac sign of the Libra, are encouraged not to be perfectionists. While the temptation is there to strive to have the best thing personally, career wise, or in our social lives, it is not going to give the results you want. Something that might take hours more to perfect might have been just fine before. With spending so much more time on these items, then you are going to waste time you could be doing to recharge yourself. If you spend the time doing something you love or something you are doing to recharge, then in the long run it will have a better result. Any obstacles that come in your way this week are going to be learning experiences and things to learn from. While it might frustrate you at the time, it is important to take a step back and see what you might learn from this experience. 

Scorpio: October 23 – November 21: If there is a balance issue going on right now, then you should examine carefully what the next step needs to be. While it may be a choice that leads to opposite things, that’s ok. There is no light without darkness and no high without a low. Things will probably take its course with how it is needed, but you need to be aware of what each outcome may hold for you. Use your knowledge from past situations to make your choice, there is probably not a “wrong” choice here, but there will be different paths depending on what you choose. It is up to you to make the choice though, not anyone else. 

Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21: For everyone in Sagittarius, it is a great time to move ahead and live in the moment. Our modern days are so busy that sometimes people forget to live in the moment and take a breath. Take that breath, then take the next step towards the goal. It is the perfect time to take a leap, however, remember to be mindful of how you take that leap. Recklessness is never rewarded, so make sure to be logical and things will work out. If you make a plan and stick to it, you will be rewarded for your efforts. 

Capricorn: December 22nd – January 19th: This week for Capricorn, it is a great time to explore new things and take advantage of hidden talents you might not have known about before. By going out of your way to try new things, it’s going to give you a wide range of new knowledge and skills. It is also a great time to reflect on your past and see what you used to do and would like to re-introduce to your life. Did you once enjoy getting to play an instrument? Time to pick it up again and remind yourself of this!

Aquarius: January 20 – February 18: For anyone that has the Aquarius sign, it is suggested that you might not be seeing clearly right now. Things might seem a bit foggy, not necessarily to you, but to anyone looking from the outside might see things more clearly than you. Are you in a situation that you think is normal but everyone is telling you that there are red flags? It might be worth considering that you need to take a step back and try to detach yourself from the situation to see if something really is wrong. Try imagining the situation as if it was your best friend. Would you think it was weird then? Well, you have your answer then. If you are not currently in this situation, it is suggested to relook at what you have gone through in the past and what you didn’t see and why you didn’t see it. Then, you can be more prepared in the future if similar circumstances come up. 

Pisces: February 19 – March 20: This is not a time to push against things that you are wanting to avoid and be stubborn about. Life has a flow to it that is similar to our rivers, tides, storms, etc. Things sometimes get really hectic and chaotic, but it eventually settles down. However, if you try to avoid and ignore the fact that a storm is approaching or the tide is coming in, then it is going to make the situation worse for you. So, anything that you are doing right now and being stubborn about, relax and let life take its course. Everything happens for a reason and that reason may be unknown right now, but in 2 months, 2 years, or 20 years something will come out of it. It might be a lesson, it might be a new career you end up loving, there are hundreds of possibilities for this current obstacle. 

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