Trails Re-Open By Hang Glider Launch On Mingus Mountain

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Forest Service News Release

PRESCOTT, AZ – September 17, 2021 – For the last two months a contractor has  

been using heavy equipment to thin trees on 284 acres of Prescott National Forest land on Mingus Mountain. The Butterfly Stewardship Project is located east of Highway 89A,  along Forest Road 104. 

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Due to heavy monsoons and wet conditions, the contractor has ceased all operations on  Mingus Mountain and has begun work on neighboring forests. The Forest Service has  

determined that while operations are on hold, it is safe to allow hikers into the area to  

access the area adjacent to Forest Road 104, Trail 105, 536, 537 and 538 and the Mingus  Mountain hang glider launch. 

The contractor has put in place closures on temporary logging roads in the area while  

operations are paused. The Forest Service would like to remind visitors to use caution  

when walking around felled logs and branches on the ground as they can be unstable. It is important to note that off road vehicles are restricted from using temporary roads in the thinning area as this can lead to significant natural resource damage.  

The contractor is expected to resume operations later this winter or spring. At that time press releases will be re-issued, and signs will again be posted in the area to make trail users aware of thinning operations. 

The intent of the project is to improve the health and resiliency of fire-adapted 

ecosystems while reducing the risk of bark beetle outbreaks which have heavily 

impacted the forest.  

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