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Town Of PV to Install Three New Crosswalks

Three new crosswalks will be painted today, June 1, 2022, and new signage will be installed by the end of the week as part of the of 45 new crosswalks to be installed in the Town. Citizens can expect to see new crosswalks and signage at the intersections of Santa Fe Loop and Tuscany Way, Santa Fe Loop and Granville Fairway, and Park View Drive and Knollwood Way. These locations were chosen based on the recommendations from resident feedback as well as the Town’s transportation safety engineer, Lee Engineering.  

The Prescott Valley Town Council’s Strategic Plan includes a Quality-of-Life goal to annually install and maintain 100 percent of possible crosswalk connectivity for safe  streets. Areas of focus include entertainment districts, schools, parks, and other major  pedestrian corridors. Lee Engineering evaluated the new crosswalk locations in accordance with established Federal guidelines for pedestrian safety, and Hawk Contracting, LLC is completing the work.  

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Triple Creek Kitchen
Mortimer\'s Farm
Empire Detail
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An interactive map of the approved crosswalks is available on the Town’s website by visiting Public Works and clicking on Roadway Improvements and then Crosswalk Project.  

The Town in its 2022-2023 budget is planning a Phase B to the project which could include 25 more crosswalk locations. Residents are encouraged to suggest new crosswalk locations by contacting Deputy Public Works Director Ron Pine at 928-759-3035 or rpine@prescottvalley-az.gov/



  1. The intersection of Santa Fe and Tuscany needs to have additional signage added to Santa Fe, to alarm drivers of the new stop sign. People are not aware of the stop and run it constantly. We were nearly hit there as a work truck ran the stop, as well of at least two occurrences as well. This is a 25 MPH street and drivers seldom respect that speed, and our fears is there will be a terrible accident here.

  2. It’s pretty sad that a young man on a bicycle was hit and killed at Viewpoint and Parkview last month. There needs to be speed bumps installed along Viewpoint Drive going North to Poquito Valley Rd past the Pronghorn Ranch traffic light. Drivers speeds have increased due to more traffic in the area and they ignore the 30mph speed posted and ride your bumper. We need more police citing these speeders.

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