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Town Of PV approving an intergovernmental agreement (IGA)

Town of Prescott Valley joins City of Prescott and Yavapai County in approving Intergovernmental Agreement for Glassford Hill Open Space

On Thursday evening, May 12, the Town of Prescott Valley joined the City of Prescott and Yavapai County in approving an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) to acquire approximately 3,300 acres of Arizona State Trust Land on and around Glassford Hill. Yavapai County Board of Supervisors approved the agreement May 4 and the City of Prescott Council gave its approval on May 10. The three jurisdictions will now begin to seek funding to acquire multiple large parcels of land. The goal is to create a regional park for outdoor recreation, including hiking and biking trails linking to various trails in Prescott and Prescott Valley.  

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The initial appraisal of all parcels shows a value of $10,000 – $14,000 per acre. Funding will be sought from a variety of sources, including the State of Arizona, public grants, and cost sharing from the three participating jurisdictions, over the 10-year duration of the agreement. Funding can occur as budgets allow over the 10-year period. An application has been filed with the Arizona State Land Department (ASLD), and other funding could include grant money from Arizona State Parks. 

The cost of the initial appraisal is being split evenly among Prescott, Prescott Valley, and Yavapai County and the three will share evenly future costs associated with appraisals, filings, advertising, survey, and other fees.  

Prescott and Prescott Valley will purchase State Land Trust lands within their municipal boundaries and Prescott Valley will purchase approximately 500 acres that fall within unincorporated Yavapai County.  

Prescott will be responsible to purchase up to approximately 1,700 acres and Prescott Valley will be responsible to purchase up to approximately 1,600 acres. Each year, the partners will meet with Arizona State Parks and ASLD to determine what parcels will be purchased by Prescott or Prescott Valley and  determine which trails will be built according to the available budget. 

The jurisdictions will determine annually what funding is available from grants or state appropriation. The remaining amount needed to cover that fiscal year’s purchase will be budgeted by Prescott and Prescott Valley, respectively, for land in their jurisdictions. Yavapai County will budget to pay 35 percent of the remaining cost to purchase land in that fiscal year for both Prescott and Prescott Valley. 


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