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TikTok poses massive security risk to Americans following Trump ban

Whether or not people believe that TikTok represents a security risk today, they certainly will tomorrow.

Due to security concerns, the Trump administration will ban Americans from downloading TikTok — along with Chinese social media app WeChat. The apps must be removed from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store in the U.S. on Sunday night. No new installs are permitted, albeit existing users with the app already installed can continue to carry the service, though it comes at a massive security risk.

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The second part of the ban will go into effect on September 12 for WeChat, when the enabling services and infrastructure for the app are removed. This will also happen to TikTok, but not until November 12, just over a week after the election.

But the risks that tens of millions of Americans will face in the coming months are unprecedented. For example, when this ban goes fully into effect, TikTok and WeChat cannot be updated or maintained, and this is huge because both of these apps have been prone to security issues in the past.

If TikTok’s developer, ByteDance, releases an updated version of the app to fix a potential security issue, U.S. users will be unable to download it.

“The only real change as of Sunday night will be [TikTok] users won’t have access to improved updated apps, upgraded apps or maintenance,” Ross told Fox Business Network on Friday.

Let’s think about this for a second. Hackers and cybercriminals yearn to find openings and to exploit them in devastating fashion, especially on those who are either too young, too old, or too naive to know otherwise.

Don’t be surprised in the next coming weeks if you receive get an email or even a text message from an unknown user explaining how they can get around Trump’s ban and give you unlimited access to the app. A link or an attachment will likely be included, and some may even suggest paying for the service upfront. Don’t be fooled.

And lastly, avoid VPN’s at all costs. Remember the days in high school when we tried to get around our school’s internet policy to watch YouTube? While a virtual private network can mask your identity, location, and protect your data, there is another problem — China.

Much of the VPN market is overpopulated with “free” access. What many people don’t realize is that a majority of those deals emanate from China, which constitutes a security threat.

Over the next couple of months, these VPN’s will drastically increase their marketing campaigns. In fact, they already have. Some were even trending on social media as soon as Trump’s ban was made official. However, not all VPN’s are bad; Americans have to be safe about where they invest their money. Being cheap is what puts many people in danger.

If TikTok is a necessity in your life, find a well-known, much-respected Western developer that charges for their services.

To summarize, TikTok and WeChat will be prone to security risks until at least the end of the upcoming presidential election. And lastly, don’t install a free VPN.


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