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Thinning Operations Continue in the Camp Wood Area  

on the Chino Valley Ranger District

 For the last month a contractor has been using heavy equipment to thin trees on Prescott National Forest land in the Camp Wood area on the Chino Valley Ranger District. The contractor will be expanding operations to the  east along the Camp Wood Road (County Road 68) to begin operations on an additional  86 acres within the Connell and Stinson Stewardship Project areas. Thinning operations  are dependent on weather and soil conditions, but visitors can expect equipment to be in  the area for the next one to two months. 

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The contractors are working in the area east of Yolo Ranch and along Camp Wood Road  and west of Forest Road 95 and Rock House Spring. As the contractor moves through the area, portions of Forest Road 702 and Forest Road 14 will be closed to maintain public safety.  

As the operator moves through the project area, numerous signs will be posted to make forest visitors aware of thinning operations, the status of closures as well as alternate routes. Measures will be taken to protect the surface of roads and trails and impacts will be remedied by the contractor and the Forest Service as needed. In addition, there will be increased truck traffic along Camp Wood Road.  

Prescott National Forest personnel will also ensure that agency approved events and partner activities will experience only minimal interruptions. Until mechanical operations are concluded, Forest Managers recommend that visitors take advantage of  recreational opportunities on the Walnut Creek Road or Forest Road 705 area. 

The intent of the project is to improve the health and resiliency of fire-adapted ecosystems while reducing the risk of bark beetle outbreaks which are heavily impacting  the forest.  

For more information, please contact the Bradshaw & Chino Valley Ranger Districts at 928-443-8000. 

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