The Prescott Valley Police Department To Host An OPIOID DEATH INVESTIGATION CLASS

    Prescott Valley Police
    Prescott Valley Police Department

    Hosted by:
    Prescott Valley Police
    7601 E. Skoog Blvd (Previously 7601 E. Civic) Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 8:00 AM – 4:00PM
    December 5-6, 2019
    Early Price: $405.00 per person (ends 9/4) Regular Price: $425.00 per person (ends 11/4) Late Price: $445.00 per person

    The Prescott Law Group

    Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates (WZ) is an internationally recognized firm established in 1982. Our passion for the truth has led us to become a world leader in an interview, interrogation and investigative training. WZ has conducted a full range of nationally acclaimed training programs for over 200,000 investigators throughout the world.


    Visit today to learn how to arm your agency with the skills to identify the truth.

    The WZ Seminar on Opioid Overdose Death Investgatons is a comprehensive 2-day program on opioids, opioid deaths and the successful prosecuton of overdose deaths as homicides. Partcipants will learn the diferent types of opioids and opiates being used including heroin, fentanyl, prescripton pain killers and more. There will then be a discussion on the efects of opioids on users, how they break down in the body and how they kill. A key segment will explain the efects of Narcan and why users are stll overdosing.


    The WZ instructor will review state-specifc homicide laws and the elements of the diferent statutes for proper charges as well as the potental for federal charges. Partcipants will be able to antcipate what defense atorneys will present and how to make sure they efectvely cover areas of concern. The class will learn how to establish policies and strategies to work their cases.

    The class will partcipate in discussions on working the crime scene and getng evidence for the drug case and the homicide case. This will lead into a presentaton on courtroom testmony and working with prosecutors on how and who will present evidence in court.
    The seminar will conclude with instructon on the proper preparaton for trial and how to deliver professional, efectve testmony in concert with perspectves from the judge or juries point of view.
    • Overview of Opioid Overdose Death Investgatons
    • State Specifc Laws and What Charges to Use
    • Antcipate and Prepare for Defense Atorney Arguments
    • Development of Department Policy and Case Management
    • Legal Consideratons—Search, Seizure, Miranda, Interrogatons
    • Making a Homicide Case and Investgatve Strategies
    • Courtroom Testmony and Working with Your Prosecutor
    Based on actual investgatons, this dynamic program uses a diverse combinaton of case studies to provide strategic tactcs to analyze and evaluate investgatve strategies specifc to opioid overdose death investgatons.

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    This course is taught by Brian Sallee – an acclaimed narcotcs detectve with 28 years of working all aspects of drug investgatons, including assistng and consultng on overdose death investgatons around the country. Brian has co- authored two books on the subject and has trained thousands of ofcers throughout the U.S. and in several foreign countries.
    Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc.
    Downers Grove, IL 60515  4932 Main Street  800.222.7789  www.w-z

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