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    Hello everyone I am Carol Starr Stanley and I have been an Astrologer for over 30 years. I will be joining you here with a weekly column filled with Astrology information, Sun Sign descriptions, and forecasts for all the signs.

    Astronomy is the scientific study of all the celestial bodies.  Astrology is the study of the Celestial bodies and how they relate to people—personality, relationships, abilities, talents, and trends for the year.

    Each individual is unique in Astrology and you are not just your zodiac sign. In fact, it would take over 25,000 years to duplicate your exact Astrology chart. 

    In December we experienced the conjunction of two planets—Saturn and Jupiter. These two planets came as close to each other as they did over 600 years ago. Realize when we say close —they are still separated by 700 million miles. 

    The Planet Saturn represents limitations and delays

    Planet Jupiter represents expansion and good luck.

    You will experience both expansion and delays from these planets being together.  Saturn will help you stop and think and Jupiter will take over with your want of success and new horizons. 

    All of the  Planets are in the zodiac signs just like the Sun(zodiac) sign.  The planets are in continuous motion circling around the sun. The planets go from Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc just like the sun signs do every month

    Both Saturn and Jupiter are now in the sign of Aquarius and will be residing there until May.  Saturn will stay in Aquarius for another year plus,  but Jupiter will move on to the next sign of Pisces, as it doesn’t stay in a zodiac sign as long as Saturn.  For example, Jupiter changes signs on a yearly basis and Saturn takes three years to move from one sign to another.

    Aquarius people are most affected by this conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter.  This is a time Aquarians may be thinking of some changes in life, work, personal, or residence.  If you are thinking of changes— this is a good time to set up your plans and have them in play before the month of May. Saturn will help you to be cautious but Jupiter will bring out the excitement and joy of your new plans.

    Please feel free to call or write in questions about any facet of Astrology.

    I am available to schedule a  personal  Astrology chart.  During this past year of turmoil and chaos, you can look forward to knowing personal trends in your life, relationships, work, friends, and family.

    Email me at:

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    1. Carol Starr Stanley’s charts full of great expertise and wisdom! I have ordered some for myself and given them as gifts to family! The charts are easy to understand and very personalized. I really like that she is always available to answer any questions on a personal level.

    2. Carol Starr Stanley has a gift for creating personalized Astrological charts and sharing the information in a clear, informative and warm way. I gleaned so much from the chart she made for me recently. The aftermath of our session has already been life changing! I highly recommend Carol Starr Stanley!!

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