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Speed Humps Coming to Prescott East Highway

Town Of Prescott Valley to Install Speed Humps on Prescott East Highway this week 

The Town of Prescott Valley, as part of a speed mitigation effort, will install temporary speed humps on Prescott East Highway 

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beginning Thursday, Sept. 1.   The speed humps are part of the plan to slow traffic on Prescott East Highway, as development continues to grow to the north.

Immediate steps the Town and County are taking to curb speed in addition to the speed humps include:    

∙ Enhanced speed enforcement on Prescott East Hwy from Prescott Valley Police and Yavapai County Sheriff 

∙ Additional signage 

∙ Radar trailers and traffic message boards 

Future traffic control steps on the roadway will include:   

∙ Install traffic calming traffic circles at existing median breaks 

∙ Install turn lanes at Copper Hill and Sunset Lane intersections 

∙ Add concrete median from Copper Hill to Sunset Lane 

∙ Construct shoulder and new curbing for medians 

∙ Develop Jasper Parkway to lessen traffic on Prescott East Highway 

For further information please call Deputy Public Works Director Ron Pine at 928‐759‐3035.  


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