Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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SPEAKING OF EVACUATIONS…Please sign up for Code Red!

SPEAKING OF EVACUATIONS…Please sign up for Code Red!

If you have not signed up for Code Red, our emergency notification system, please do.

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Though these fingers are trying to keep you as updated as possible, the Code Red system will give you timely, accurate information right to your mobile device, phone, or email. So no more needing to get your information third-hand from your second cousin once removed!

Use the QR code in the picture or go to to sign up.

Together we can make this crazy wildfire season safe for man, beast and structure.


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  1. The code red system was down, and everything was o.k. BUT it’s an opportunity to try and fix the local cell signal problems in wilderness areas. Groom creek doesn’t get signals unless you have wifi, or internet in many areas. Not all residents own two homes and visit only seasonal. They are on fixed income, can’t afford Internet and are paying for phones that don’t get signals on. Verizon isn’t helping. Is there a list of those persons that might need good old fashioned help in emergency, or cell companies accountable.

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