Sana Behavioral Hospital Open House is Coming Up

    PRESCOTT, Ariz. (Dec 2, 2019) – Monday, Dec. 9, Sana Behavioral Hospitals, which provides
    behavioral and medical health care services for adult patients age 55 and older, will open at 181
    Whipple St. for a public tour of the hospital’s services prior to receiving patients later this month.
    Sana Behavioral Hospital has a mission to provide a healing environment where patients feel

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    safe and well cared for.
    When: Monday, December 9, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
    What: Prescott Chamber Ribbon Cutting Ceremony/Open House and facility tours.
    Light refreshments.
    Where: 181 Whipple St., Prescott, AZ
    “We have a responsibility to provide care that equally addresses a person’s
    emotional and physical well-being,” said G. Kirk Olsen, President of Sana
    Behavioral Hospitals. “The complex combination of medical and psychiatric
    issues can make diagnosis and treatment challenging, which is why it’s so
    important to have a dedicated and experienced team of health care professionals
    serving their local community.” “It is estimated that one in five seniors has at least
    one behavioral issue, and many are experiencing an acute or chronic medical
    condition at the same time.”
    About Sana Behavioral Hospital Prescott

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    Sana Behavioral Hospital Prescott is a dba for Geriatric Psychiatry Services, LLC a privately
    held company headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT which specializes in behavioral and medical
    care for adults age 55 and older. Our Mission is to provide a healing environment where
    patients feel safe and well cared for by staff who have specialized training in the care of an
    aging population.
    Sana Behavioral Hospitals is also developing new behavioral hospitals in Gilbert, AZ, Hurricane,
    UT and Kennewick, WA. To learn more about Sana Behavioral Hospital, visit

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