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Roughriders Shine in Classroom During Fall Semester

The Yavapai College Roughrider student-athletes not only excelled on the playing surface but also in the classroom, this fall. As a whole, the teams finished with a 3.05 cumulative grade point average. 

Additionally, 66 YC athletes earned the distinction of being named to the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll, those with a 3.0 GPA or higher, including 17 with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Mortimer\'s Farm

* Denotes 4.0 GPA

* Kate Allen (Volleyball)

* Tyler Davis (Baseball)                   

* Gabriella Fregoso (Softball)          

* Alton Gyselman (Baseball)

* Jude Hall (Baseball)                       

* Jacelyn Kepa’A (Softball)              

* Cal Lambert (Baseball)                              

* Paiten Langston (Volleyball)                     

* Shea Marovich (Volleyball)           

* Lauryn Mayhan (Women’s Soccer)

* Michal Mojzis (Men’s Soccer)       

* Carlos Nunez (Men’s Soccer)        

* Brooke Parker (Volleyball)

* Mikaela Payne (Softball)   

* Mia Torres (Women’s Soccer)       

* Shayley Webster (Women’s Soccer)

* Kade York (Baseball)                     

Savannah McEwan (Volleyball)       

Mael Lopes (Men’s Soccer)  

Brooklyn Holland (Volleyball)         

Josue Ruiz (Men’s Soccer)    

Matthew Bachelier (Baseball)           

Rocco Gump (Baseball)                                

Alyssa Rosales (Softball)                  

Iann Topete (Men’s Soccer)  

Jada Schultz (Volleyball)                  

Travis Warriner (Baseball)               

Liam Morris (Men’s Soccer) 

Kayla Rodgers (Softball)                  

Brycen Tambone (Baseball)             

Rikenna Curtis (Volleyball)  

Natalie Sanchez (Volleyball)

Jose Vega (Men’s Soccer)                 

Kenneth Jimenez (Baseball)             

Brandon Pulido-Santala (Men’s Soccer)       

John Taylor (Baseball)                      

Ashlynn Jones (Women’s Soccer)

Naomi Glasker (Volleyball)  

Jo Stevens (Baseball)            

Emma Alvarez (Women’s Soccer)

Alice Barmettler (Women’s Soccer)

Emma Pascoe (Women’s Soccer)     

Makena Riggs (Softball)                   

Jace Taylor (Baseball)                                   

Hanna Urtado (Women’s Soccer)     

Ethan Bell (Baseball)                        

Andrew Del Giudice (Men’s Soccer)

Kierslynn Wright (Volleyball)                      

Ann Robson (Women’s Soccer)                    

Cayden Collins (Baseball)                

Emily Darwin (Softball)                               

Sean Rimmer (Baseball)                   

Samantha Holman (Volleyball)        

Ethan Thomas (Baseball)      

Franchesca Corso (Women’s Soccer)

Ivan Harris (Men’s Soccer)   

Alondra Lares (Women’s Soccer)

Ozzie Osborn (Men’s Soccer)

Ryan Scott (Baseball)           

Bennett Zeigler-Namoa (Baseball)   

Hailey Mayhan (Women’s Soccer)

Nainoa Kane-Yates (Baseball)          

Hudson Bodily (Men’s Soccer)         

Natalie Horsley (Volleyball) 

Jesse Maldonado (Men’s Soccer)      

Samantha Slaughter (Women’s Soccer)

– D.J. Irwin


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