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 Representative Nguyen Urges Arizona Hospitals to Comply

Representative Nguyen Urges Arizona Hospitals to Comply with State Law Ensuring Right to In-Person Spiritual Care for Patients

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – State Representative Quang Nguyen is urging Arizona hospitals to educate their providers and other employees about a new state law designed to ensure that patients understand their right to have in-person clergy visitation, and to make sure that their right is not impeded.

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Representative Nguyen sent letters this week to hospital CEOs after receiving reports of people who continue to encounter problems receiving clergy visitation in some Arizona hospitals, despite passage of the new law. Nguyen notes in his letters that, “faith is the foundation that many families lean on in times of despair. It is vital to ensure that patients, when facing their darkest days, can receive the spiritual care and comfort they seek.”

The new law, authored by Representative Nguyen, was passed in last year’s legislative session, and signed by Governor Ducey in May. At the time, Nguyen explained that people should have the right to receive in-person spiritual care, especially when they are near the end of their life. “It’s hard to imagine, but that isn’t always accommodated, especially during the past year.  That’s why I sponsored this bill [HB 2575] providing a commonsense protection for patients and their families who seek spiritual comfort and support during such a difficult time.” 

For more details about the about the provisions passed by the legislature, click here.

Representative Nguyen welcomes any clergy member experiencing a problem with hospital visitation to contact his office at (602) 926- 3258 to obtain an original signed letter they could provide to inform administrators of the law.

Quang Nguyen is a Republican member of the Arizona House of Representatives serving Legislative District 1, which includes Prescott, and portions of Yavapai and Maricopa Counties.  Follow him on Twitter at @QuangNguyenAZ.


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