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Prescott Valley Police Department honors outstanding personnel for 2021

The Prescott Valley Police Department on Wednesday, April 6 honored its top officers and civilian personnel at a  reception at Findlay Toyota Center. The following officers and staff received recognition. 

Officer of the Year – Kenny Sease 

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The Police Meritorious Service Ribbon is awarded annually to the selected Officer of the Year, recognizing a sworn  officer for sustained long term, noteworthy achievement throughout the previous calendar year.  For the past five-and-a-half years, Officer Sease has held positions in the PVPD Patrol division and the Drug  Enforcement Unit. He is knowledgeable and continues to seek opportunities to learn and advance in his career. He  recently passed his Lead Police Officer test and is currently on the list for future assignment. During the past year, Kenny successfully completed his AZ POST Detective Certification course of study. His sergeant describes Kenny as a shining example of an exemplary police officer. He handles a large volume of calls for service each  shift. He is bilingual and uses his skills to further the success of the squad. He arrives at work each shift motivated to  make a difference, and this enthusiasm is demonstrated with each contact he makes with the public. Kenny has received  several compliments reference his demeanor on calls, traffic stops and court appearances. He also servesin community  eventsincluding Puente de la Comunidad, Flying High Turkey Drive, Big Brothers Big Sisters events, Cops &Kids, and Coffee  with a Cop, among others.  

Rookie of the Year – April Zicopoulos 

The Rookie of the Year Award is designed for the recognition of a probationary officerfor sustained, long term effort  and noteworthy achievement during the officer’s field training and subsequent service. 

After graduating NAU with a degreein criminal justice, April started her career in law enforcement working for Williams  PD as a victim’s advocate. She decided to continue her career with PVPD, attending the Northern Arizona Regional  Training Academy (NARTA) and graduating near the top of her class. She immediately started to show her professionalism  while on field training, where she received praise for her problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and public interactions.  

Once off field training, April was assigned to graveyards for several months, where she showed an ability for speaking  with the public and conducting a thorough investigation. She was eager to take calls and be exposed to as many situations  as possible.  

April is confident but not arrogant and intelligent but still willing to learn. She maintains a positive, “can do” attitude,  which radiates through the rest of her squad, keeping moral high. She has also participated in public events including  Coffee With a Cop and the annual Patriot Day ceremony, performing the National Anthem there and at several other  events.

Civilian of the Year – Kim Martin 

The Civilian of the Year award is designed for Department civilian employees who distinguish themselves by performing  exceptional service throughout the year. 

Kim started her career at PVPDin May 2018. She workswith personnel to meet deadlines for grant research, submittal, and financial reporting. She assists with payroll, paperwork for status updates, and sending reminders on annual  performance deadlines. She serves on PV employee wellness, connectivity and open space strategic planning committees.  She participates in the annual Bike Rodeo, which promotes bike safety and exercise, and coordinates events at the CASA  Senior Center. A team player, she is known for her enthusiasm and pride in representing PVPD.  

Supervisor of the Year – Mike Stambaugh 

The Supervisor of the Year Award is designed for Department sworn or civilian supervisor/sergeant rank who  distinguished themselves by performing exceptional service to the Department throughout the year. Lead Police Officer Stambaugh has 16 years of law enforcement experience, eight of which have been with PVPD. Prior  to his law enforcement experience, he served his country as a US Marine for four years. LPO Stambaugh has served ten  months as an Acting Sergeant for the back half day shift squad, taking this assignment without hesitation and ensuring  that his squad performs effectively, efficiently, and professionally.  

LPO Stambaugh also took over the SWATteam leader position this year and has excelled. The SWAT team was activated  eighttimes and Mike led the team through each call. He coordinates, schedules, and designs the training schedule for the  SWAT team, leads tactical decision making on call outs, and helps with procuring equipment for the team.  

During one of the call outs, Mike coordinated the tactical response to a barricaded subject who fired at officers. This  incident, with Mike’s supervision and leadership, ended safely for all the officers involved. Mike also led a project this  year in which the team rented 17 pairs of night vision equipment and then taught the class to instruct the team on their  usage. Additionally, he helped plan and run a basic SWAT school in 2021. 

Community Policing Ribbon – Isaac Corrales 

The Community Policing Ribbon is awarded annually to Department personnel who have solved a significant problem,  included the community in the problem-solving process, and/or shown a commitment to the Department’s community  policing philosophy.  

Officer Corrales has been with PVPD for the past three-and-a-half years. He has been recognized for his exceptional  community service and dedication to duty. He consistently goes above and beyond to help others and resolve community  problems, demonstrating community policing each shift by interacting with children, citizens, and every person he meets.  

Isaac has participated in numerous community events, both on and off duty, to include Puente De La Comunidad,  senior center events, youth academy, Cops & Kids and Coffee With a Cop, and setup for the Prescott Valley Healing Fields  of Northern Arizona. His hard work and dedication over the past year has earned him the Community Policing award for  2021.  

Unit of the Year – Patrol 

A Unit Citation for outstanding performance may be conferred upon an organizational section or unit of the  Department. The commendatory accomplishment must be the result of a combined effort by members of the unit. This  year’s recipient is the Patrol Division. 

The Prescott Valley Police Department’s Patrol Division consists of 38 officers who patrol 40 square miles of Prescott  Valley, including annexed areas. The officers are divided into squads which are led by six lead police officers and six  sergeants. The primary responsibilities for the Patrol Division include providing proactive patrols, responding to calls for  service, investigating crimes against persons and property, enforcing traffic laws, investigating traffic accidents, and  making arrests when necessary. 

During the past year, the Patrol Division worked through many challenges, including covering shifts vacated by ill co workers who contracted different variations of COVID-19. The Patrol Division was hit with three separate waves of mass  illness and vacancies. This wasmultiplied by the increasing calls for service the department experienced with population  growth. Members of the Patrol Division worked extra shifts, complied with OSHA and DHS mask mandates and special  protocols, and sacrificed their extra time to ensure that the Prescott Valley Police Department provided the services  promised to the community 

The Patrol Division also persevered through the untimely loss of an officer, a manpower reduction due to attrition and the overall nationwide negative perception of law enforcement professionals. The men and women of this division are  the backbone of the department and themost visible,the personnelonwhich the community bases its police perceptions.  

Volunteer of the Year – Paul Molyneux 

Paul Molyneux has been a volunteer with the Prescott Valley Police Department for almost 19 years and a full-time  volunteer on the SWAT team for the past eight years. Paul is vital to the success of the SWAT team and the team feels it  wouldn’t be able to function as efficiently without him. He works full-time, yet volunteers his time to help the team. He handles numerous tasks such as the team’ssign in roster, equipment, re-allocating the van or armored vehicle for trainings  or callouts, providing water for the operators, and retrieving equipment on demand on SWAT callouts. 

The SWAT team was activated eight times this past year and Paul was present for every callout. Paul comes out in the  middle of the night when he receives the alert and gets everything the team needs while they are gearing up. Paul was an essential contributor on the SWAT callout in December 2021 when the team was activated for numerous  hours in frigid temperatures. Paul was stationed at the equipment van and provided the team the equipment needed to  resolve the situation. 

Lifesaving Award – Damon Alvarado 

The Lifesaving Ribbon is awarded to recognize the actions of Department personnel that result in the saving or  preservation of human life that otherwise would have been lost without the employee’s direct involvement.  Officer Branden Alvarado, along with former Prescott Valley Officer Sabrina Rozendaal, administered lifesaving support  during an overdose incident in which the subject was unconscious and exhibiting life-threatening symptoms. 

Chief’s Commendations – Ryan Heggestad, Cody Skvarek, Layton Cooper, Wesley Denison, Scott Rudolph, and Gabe  Maldonado. 

The Police Chief commendation may be conferred upon employees or an organizational section/unit which perform outstanding service or valor similar to, but to a lesser degree than required for either the Medal of Valor, Police Star, or  Lifesaving Medal. 

The Prescott Valley Police Department honored all the above officers for their actions during overdose situations in which the subjects were unresponsive and would possibly have died had officers not acted quickly to assist them.  

Prescott Valley Police Department can be contacted at (928) 772-9267 for non-emergencies, 911 for  emergencies. Yavapai County Silent witness is 1-800-932-3232. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!


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