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Prescott News-Proposed 6 Story Hotel on ‘Whiskey Row’?

PSA to the community about a proposed building wanting to be built on our historic block known to the locals as “Whiskey Row”. We would like to know how you as a community feel about it. Here is info about this proposed building and when the proposal meeting is happening.

Prescott Plaza Hotel
Prescott Plaza Hotel

We obtained this letter from a concerned citizen.

Here is a letter that was written by Cat Moody – Historic Preservation Specialist

Triple Creek Kitchen
Mortimer\'s Farm
Empire Detail
Letter from. Cat Moody

“Dear Property Owner,
The Historic Preservation Office at the City of Prescott has received a request for review of a
project on Whiskey Row at 136, 138, and 140 S Montezuma St. The proposed project is called
the Prescott Plaza Hotel. Due to the potential impact, this project will have on Prescott we are
currently engaged in public outreach.
You are receiving this letter because you own property within a half-mile distance of the
proposed project location. This project will be brought before the Prescott Preservation
Commission at the Friday, March 11′ 2022 meeting held in Council Chambers at Sam.
The initial review of the project at that meeting will be a non-voting item. The applicant, Jim
Griset is seeking input from the Commission and the public on this project at this time. A future
meeting will be scheduled for a vote by the Commission.
A brief description of the project and a few graphics are included for your reference.
The owner is proposing to demolish the building that currently houses three retail storefronts on
Whiskey Row. The proposal is to construct a new hotel building that will completely fill the lot.
The building is proposed to be six stories high in total, with a limited portion near the front
extending to four stories high
The description below from the project applicant:
The hotel will feature 53 rooms including 4 king suites with private balconies facing the
courthouse plaza, 45 king guest rooms, 4 ADA compliant guest rooms, 3 conference and
private dining rooms, 2 rooftop terraces available for weddings and other special events,
a 3rd-floor terrace and wine bar overlooking the plaza. Facing the Whiskey Row Alley,
the back of the hotel will feature a hotel mercantile shop, an entrance for guests, and an
elevator for guests, catering, and deliveries.
You are encouraged to attend the meeting if you would like to participate and voice your opinion.
The meeting will also be available virtually on Zoom
Zoom link and Meeting ID 880 9262 5111
The agenda with Zoom link will also be posted on the City’s Boards and Commission page on
Friday, March 4′ (one week before the meeting). You are also welcome to send a written
response to me that will be included in the public comments if you prefer.
Thank you,
Cat Moody
Historic Preservation Specialist”



  1. I say No to another hotel. I will kill the butey of our lovely town
    And take away the horistic look of our town . We have a hotel in Prescott that has just been built . How many more do we need
    Thank you John Amato

  2. No, no, no! Considering the fact that we recently allied a hotel to be built two intersections to the north, why would we now allow another one to be built right across from our courthouse in our most historic area. Too big and too bi an I,pact on that area. No, no, no!

  3. No, no, no! Considering the fact that we recently allowed a hotel to be built two intersections to the north, why would we now allow another one to be built right across from our courthouse in our most historic area. Too big and too big an impact on that area. No, no, no!

  4. I watched the Live stream of most of the meeting today and was RELIEVED that the Preservation Society thinks that the new hotel DOES NOT MEET the standards of the historical preservation locally or federally! I pray this plan is scrapped completely and that any new hotels will be off of the square!

  5. What are they thinking? We need to keep whiskey row the way it is for historic and esthetic reasons. They want more money but that’s not what it’s about

  6. No No No!!- it’s hideous and over powering and doesn’t fit PERIOD. Can’t you developers and land owners just LEAVE US ALONE??? How can anyone even imagine this is a good idea!

  7. This is insane to build such a huge hotel on Whiskey Road. The parking is a problem as it is. The economic impact could be a negative problem to the city. With the people staying there and no parking as it is and all the events going on during the spring,summer and up to Christmas. All the garage spaces this project would take over and people who live here and those who visit where will they park and this can shut down every event that takes place. The car shows, all events on the square and even Acker. This is just greed on the part of those wanting to build this monstrosity and these outsiders just to line their pockets and don’t care about anyone but themselves. Another issue is Whiskey Road will have to be shut down during construction and many existing business will go bankrupt during the years this is under construction destroying the character of the “City of Prescott”!

  8. Whoever is behind proposing this asinine idea is another version of that greedy CA governor Gavin Newsom.

  9. No more Hotels in Beautiful Prescott . I think it’s ugly and takes away from the beauty of our town. I feel very strong abut this issue. I say NO NO NO.

  10. Absolutely NOT!
    Prescott must preserve the historical essence of Whiskey row. A six story hotel would ruin whiskey row.

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