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Placement Of Memorials on NF is Prohibited

Memorials, Plaques, Honoraria or Commemorative Monuments Prohibited on National Forest System 

The Prescott National Forest would like to remind the public that the placement of monuments or memorials on National Forest System lands is prohibited.  

Mortimer\'s Farm
Empire Detail

While the placement of a monument or memorial on public land may help some individuals through difficult times,  these memorials are generally of significance to only those most closely tied to a specific person or event. Others may feel that memorials intrude on their experience of the forest. For this and other reasons, the placement of monuments or memorials on National Forest System lands is prohibited.  

Monuments or memorials will be removed and disposed of when discovered. In lieu of placing a monument or memorial on public land, the Forest Service asks that you consider honoring the person or event in ways that do not have a lasting impact on the landscape or other visitors’ experiences. 

Memorials or other commemorative items left on public land may be a violation of 36 CFR §261.10 Occupancy and use. 

(a) Constructing, placing, or maintaining any kind of road, trail, structure, fence, enclosure, communication equipment,  significant surface disturbance, or other improvement on National Forest System lands or facilities without a special use authorization, contract, or approved operating plan when such authorization is required. 

(e) Abandoning any personal property. 

There are alternatives to the placement of a private memorial. The Forest Service “Plant-A-Tree” Program permits individuals and groups to donate money for planting trees on National Forests. The trees may be planted to memorialize loved ones or to commemorate special events such as births, weddings, or anniversaries. For a suggested minimum donation of $10, which pays for 10-15 seedlings, donors receive a certificate acknowledging their gift. If desired, the name of the person in whose honor the donation is made will appear on the certificate. The trees, planted mostly in large plantations, will not be individually identified by donor. Smaller (or larger) donations will be acceptable in most cases. Business groups may participate in the program as long as their participation is non commercial. Donations may be made in person and by mail at all Forest Service offices. There are two other similar programs. The American Forests group plants memorial trees in national forests in honor of loved ones. Find out more about the Memorial Trees campaign. The Arbor Day Foundation plants Trees in Memory and Trees in Celebration  at 

For more information on the “Plant-A-Tree” program, please contact the Bradshaw/Chino Ranger District at (928)  443-8000. 

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