Patio Extensions & Parklets for Outdoor Dining in Prescott

    PRESCOTT, AZ (July 30, 2020) – In the City’s ongoing efforts to curb the impacts of COVID-19 on our citizens and support our local businesses, staff has been working diligently to create a streamlined option for restaurants to extend their outdoor seating. The following temporary procedures have been established, and business owners are encouraged to work closely with staff on this process.

    1. Restaurants that would like to extend into sidewalks that are not in City Right-of-Way
      1. Need to work with the landowners for permission, but the 48” ADA obstruction-free requirement still applies
    2. Restaurants wishing to extend into City Right-of-Way or Parking Areas may coordinate with the Public Works Department to obtain a Licensing Agreement which provides an exemption in City Code allowing chairs and tables in Right-of-Way and relaxes associated signage requirements. The following will be required in order to obtain the aforementioned Licensing Agreement
      1. Insurance Policy Documents naming the City of Prescott as Additional Insured
      2. Fencing and enclosures approved by the City of Prescott 
      3. Inspection of the proposed extension
    3. Restaurants that serve alcohol and have obtained a Licensing Agreement through the City of Prescott or have reached an agreement with Property Owner for encroachment: 
      1. File a no fee Temporary Extension of Premises Application with the City Clerk’s Office
      2. The application will be routed to the Department of Liquor License and Control for approval
      3. May be approved for up to six (6) months

    It is our sincere hope that this temporary policy will allow our local businesses to continue to serve the public and sustain their business during these difficult times.

    For more information regarding COVID-19 efforts in our community and city services please visit the city’s website or contact the City Clerk’s Office at 928-777-1245.

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