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Now Introducing Alex Rivera

We are proud to introduce Alex Rivera who has joined our team as the Director of Food and Beverage and Executive Chef. 

General Manager, Marci Hurlbert, said, “I am delighted to be working with Chef Rivera again. He’s directed restaurants from the smallest to the very prestigious and is skilled in all cuisines. Alex is a great culinary talent and has a mentoring leadership style.

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Our team and Prescott will enjoy him.”

Alex Rivera

Chef Alex Rivera tells us, “I’m excited at the opportunity to take Triple Creek Kitchen and Spirits F&B operations to the next level, as well as, start-up catering services for our hotel and Event Center at Sam Hill Warehouse. I’m passionate about food and it’s a pleasure to be able to make people happy with good food, good service and good memories.” 

Alex’s culinary journey began in Puerto Rico at age 11 when he started cooking with his grandmother and mother and it’s from his family he learned the values that make him successful—treating everyone with respect and love. Chef Alex says, “At work, our team is a family and we have to take care of each other. I treat employees the way I want to be treated and I share my enthusiasm and desire to succeed.”

Chef Alex began his studies at the Hotel School of San Juan and appreciates his family for supporting his dreams. Later, at the Florida Culinary Institute, he added confectionary and international cuisine. His professional career includes the prestigious Omni Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia and being on the opening team for Desert Diamond Casino’s Glendale facility. As Executive Chef for two Arizona IHG hotels, his restaurant was the highest producing Burger Theory in the nation and he was responsible for catering in combined banquet facilities exceeding 20,000 sq feet. His most recent experience was with Upward Projects—which operates the popular Postino’s and Windsor Restaurants.

Chef Alex is thankful to his wife, Alma, and daughters, Maya and Thalia, for their unconditional love and support. There’s a lot of culinary talent in the family–Alma is an accomplished Chef in her own right and Alma’s mother, Guadalupe, prepares traditional family recipes in their kitchen. Alex and Alma enjoy having the opportunity to pass their values and traditions to their own children.


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