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Non Profits Receives Support in New Law


The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits fully supports and celebrates Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s signing legislation into law that expands Arizona nonprofits’ ability to use raffles for fundraising by reducing regulatory challenges.

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            The bill, SB 1066 introduced and sponsored by Senator T.J. Shope (R-Coolidge), reduces from five years of continuous service to one year the amount of time a nonprofit needs to wait to conduct raffles to raise critically important funds.

            “Nonprofit organizations need every fund-raising tool at their disposal to create diverse revenue streams to support their critical services and programs across Arizona,” said Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits CEO Kristen Merrifield. “We are very grateful for Senator Shope’s leadership and Governor Ducey’s support in expanding access to important and creative ways for nonprofits to generate funds to support their missions.”

            The new law also reinforces important restrictions for fund-raising raffles that include ensuring that no member, director, officer, employee or agent of the organization may receive any direct or indirect pecuniary benefit, except for being able to participate in the raffle on a basis equal to all other participants, and that only a bona fide local member of the sponsoring organization may participate directly or indirectly in the management, sales or operation of the raffle.

            “The funds generated from these raffles, in combination with other revenue sources, truly make a difference in every community in Arizona,” Merrifield said. “We look forward to seeing the benefit to nonprofits of SB1066 in the years ahead.”

            In their successful efforts to make a difference in Arizona communities through their services, programs and resources, Arizona’s nonprofit sector employs nearly 10% of the state’s workforce and generates close to $28 billion in annual revenues.

            “As we climb out of the coronavirus pandemic which severely impacted fund raising for and by nonprofits, this new law will have an immediate impact,” Merrifield said.

            Another key tool in the fund-raising toolbox is the upcoming Arizona Gives Day, a 24-hour statewide online fund-raising event from noon on April 5 to noon on April 6. Presented by FirstBank and organized by the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and the Arizona Grantmakers Forum, more than 1,000 Arizona nonprofits are participating in the tenth annual event that also offers $180,000 in prize-pool incentives based on certain categories from random drawings during the 24-hour period.

            Early giving is ongoing for the event that raised a record $7.1 million last year and has generated more than $300 million in donations for Arizona nonprofits since 2013.

            For more information and to participate in Arizona Gives Day, visit  For more information about the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits, visit


• Steve Carr, The Kur Carr Group, Inc., (602) 317-3040 

• Kate Crowley, Crowley Communications, (480) 277-4178 

About the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits: The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits is a statewide trusted resource and advocate for the nonprofit community. The Alliance’s mission is to unite, strengthen and advance Arizona’s nonprofit sector and is comprised of more than 1,000 members – both nonprofits and those in the community who support them – across the state. Since 2004, the organization has been dedicated to furthering the common interests of Arizona’s nonprofit community and envisions an Arizona where all nonprofits are valued, empowered and thriving, with support from grassroots efforts like Arizona Gives Day. For more information, visit, or email


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