Have you ever been to Grand Canyon Caverns?

    Arizona has some amazing places to explore.Some friends and I went to Grand Canyon Caverns,it was cool(chilly)and incredible to see the astounding rock formations. This was a great day trip, as we heard all about the history of the caverans. Grand Canyon Caverns located just a few miles east of Peach Springs,Arizona lies 210 feet (64 m) below ground level. You must go down in an elevator.

    They are among the largest dry caverns in the United States. Dry caverns compose only 3% of caverns in the world. Because of the lack of water, Stalagmite and stalactites are rare in the caverns.It’s amazing to walk through and experience creation from down below. In 1927, Walter Peck discovered the caverns by chance. After a failed search for gold, he opened the caverns to travelers and began charging 25 cents admission, which included a view of a purported caveman.The Grand Canyon Caverns lies about 5100 feet above sea level. Only one hour and thirty five minutes from Prescott ,AZ. The area includes a hotel, (The Grand Canyon Caverns Inn), an RV park, campgrounds, a restaurant, a convenience store, and a 5,100-foot (1,600 m) runway.

    This trip was not only fun but educational, there is still many places to explore.
    Let’s go explore.

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