Warning Arizona Residents Receiving Text Scams

    The Prescott Fire Department has been made aware of a current text messaging scam that is targeting fire departments across the country. The scam involves sending unsolicited text messages to members of the community in an attempt to sell limited edition t-shirts with the local agency’s names and logos on the shirts.  The text indicates that the funds received would go directly to the local fire department. At this time we are not aware of any text messages to anyone in the Prescott area but we wanted to make everyone aware of the scam.  

    The Prescott Fire Department will not solicit sales via text message, and we strongly recommend that you do not click on the link or provide your personal information in any way.  If you do receive the text, please contact the Prescott Police Department at (928) 445-3131 to report the text, block the number, and do not respond to the text in any way.  

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    1. The text message points to a brand new disposable website just established for this scam. Unfortunately, the owner’s name has been obscured. If people want to complain about the website, report it to [email protected]
      The purpose of this website is to drive traffic to trendshirtprime dot com with a referral number that the scammer uses to get paid.
      I sent a message to trendshirtprime to look into the spam with all the available info about it.
      If they are responsible, they should remove that affiliate’s access, making that text message useless.

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