Introducing Danny Hilton to the Sweet Science Family

    Sweet Science Boxing Promotion is pleased to announce Danny Hilton, Super Welterweight has joined the Sweet Science Familia.

    Danny Hilton Signing and Boxing Pro Debut Celebration INFO

    Friday, November 5, 2021



    7160 Pav Way

    Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

    Hilton announced his arrival to professional boxing via a second-round TKO with Sweet Science on October 22nd at the Celebrity Theatre. Every Western valley should have a hometown hero, and Prescott Valley has theirs in this two-combat sport professional. 

    While fighting in the professional MMA circuit for several years, Danny honed his competitive skills. Although he is a dangerous grappler, Danny has always felt comfortable striking. He tried to make the transition to boxing for a couple of years and now, the timing was just right. MMA can be nerve-racking with having to defend against a variety of weapons at any given moment. Hilton expressed, “I feel like a weight has been lifted… like I should’ve been boxing for years.” 

    Danny takes great pride in representing Prescott and is overwhelmed by the tremendous support that he receives from its residents. His personal and professional story is one of fighting and overcoming, but perhaps, that which makes Danny Hilton so appealing and celebrated is staying true to a valuable lesson that his father taught him long ago, “Always walk the walk.” Alongside Prescott Valley, we look forward to walking with Danny as he ventures into the Sweet Science.

    About Sweet Science Boxing Promotion:
    Sweet Science Boxing Promotions is the only female-owned and operated boxing promotion in the great state of Arizona. We proudly feature up-and-coming fighters in an intimate and classy setting, which transforms a night of exciting bouts into a memorable event. Sweet Science is committed to providing the utmost in entertainment and excitement for everyone from the casual viewer to the hardcore boxing fan. 
    Visit  or follow us at for more information about Sweet Science Boxing Promotions.

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