Prescott Valley Town Council approved a phased micro-transit plan…

    In January 2021, Prescott Valley Town Council approved a phased micro-transit plan, and the process is now moving forward. Microtransit offers transportation in smaller (vans, sedans, smaller buses) vehicles shared by other riders, with flexible routing and/or scheduling. Rides can be reserved or booked by an app or via a call center. The plan paid for with CARES Act dollars, is slated to begin service in Prescott Valley in Summer 2022.

    Prescott Valley Transit

    The service will possibly expand to Prescott in year two, maintain in year three, and expand to an additional day in year four.

    After Council approval of the plan, the Town hired New Transit Development Coordinator Pedro Rodriguez in May 2021.

    Rodriguez has received the approval from Town Council to move forward with the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) direct recipient process that allows the Town to receive federal funding for the transit system. While this process is underway, transit-associated activities such as branding, demand planning, composing a transit service request for proposals, vehicle purchase/micro-transit technology research, are also underway. In Summer 2022, the Prescott Valley program will offer micro-transit services on Monday through Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. This service is available to the public, which can be used by older adults, people with disabilities, and people traveling to/from work. Thereafter, the service will expand in a phased manner. As the process moves forward, please refer to the Town’s transit webpage for periodic updates and transit-related information: https://

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