Where can you get Medical Equipment?

    Amy Holt

    How long has AZ MediQuip been open in Prescott Valley  How has the reception been from the community?

    AZ MediQuip opened on July 20th in Prescott Valley and the reception from the community has been exceptional! Both local residents and healthcare professionals have expressed gratitude in having our store and services available to them. They’re so pleasantly surprised about the large selection of equipment that can be purchased, rented and delivered throughout the area.

    Remind me what AZ MediQuipspecializes in? 

    AZ MediQuip specializes in home medical equipment and supplies along with rentals and repairs. Our large showroom has huge selection of CPAP, mobility products such as wheelchairs and scooters, hospital beds, lift chairs and so much more.  We truly make medical equipment easy.


    As a business development and outreach team member, who are some of the people in the community you reach out to and what is the message?

    I have been reaching out to our local skilled nursing facilities, senior living, hospice, home health and physician offices. The message is AZ MediQuip is the largest local source for their patients who need medical equipment and supplies, all while making it easy for them. They can either come into the 5,000 square foot showroom to see and try the many options, or they can call us and we will arrange everything including delivery. All items are always fully assembled and adjusted for the patient. Purchasing from AZ MediQuip ensures that a full warranty is in place along with repair service. 

    It’s important for the local healthcare professionals to know that AZ MediQuipalso rents equipment by the week or the month, and includes wheelchairs, scooters, portable oxygen machines, lift chairs, hospital beds and much more! 

    What is your involvement with our local assisted living communities?

    I am informing local senior living communities that we are here for them as a resource partner for their residents. Our goal is the same as theirs – to keep residents safe in their apartments. We are offering “Fix my Ride” and mini-shopping experiences brought to the senior living communities. We also offer individual safety checks inside residents’ apartments along with personal concierge shopping. Every resident has different needs, which results in a customized set of equipment solutions for safely and comfort.  Our mission is to truly make home medical equipment easy one customer one community at a time.

    I know there are also many seniors in the area who choose to stay in their own homes and hire caregivers to make that possible. How do you connect with and help these people?

    Yes, that’s correct many seniors stay in their homes with the help of family or a hired caregiver. We are getting the word out to caregivers that we are the best resource for them to keep their loved one or clients safe when it comes to assisting with tasks such as bathing, toileting and ambulating. We’re happy to come to the home by appointment to perform safety checks and consult on the equipment that will most safely accomplish their goals.

    Is AZ MediQuip only for seniors?

    No, not at all. We carry many items that are used for situations such as knee scooters, walking aids, compression and numerous products to help with pain relief and wound care. 

    Customers are also thrilled with our selection of CPAP machines, oxygen and supplies. The ease of being able to walk in and find what they need is a huge relief for people.

    Last question, how can people find you and AZ MediQuip?

    People can visit AZ MediQuip Monday through Saturday at 7800 E. State Route 69, in the Safeway Shopping Center in Prescott Valley. Call us at the store at 928.800.5950 and for personal concierge shopping in your home, call Amy at 480.220.6902.

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