Local News-Strategic Plan retreat will give Prescott Valley Council, staff a roadmap for the future

    Town of Prescott Valley Mayor, Council, and executive staff in late August participated in a strategic planning retreat aimed at mapping the community’s future. 

    The retreat was conducted by Extraordinary Balance™, a firm that has developed strategic plans and customized leadership team retreats, staff training, and organizational culture improvement plans for a variety of client partners, including many Arizona cities and towns.

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    During the retreat, Council, and staff, through team building, idea sessions, and more, developed an action plan to gain a clear agreement of the future direction of Prescott Valley. This included an understanding of how Town staff will use the plan to guide their work, and how the plan fits into other Town documents, such as the General Plan. 

    Extraordinary Balance™ staff conducted interviews with key staff ahead of the retreat. The retreat itself included two individual working sessions over two consecutive days. 

    Mayor Kell Palguta said the retreat was a great opportunity to identify the direction the Council wants to take for the Town, and it will provide the Town Manager and staff with a blueprint on how to get there. 

    Town Manager Gilbert Davidson said the plan will set direction and priorities, inform the development of the annual budget, and serve as a report card to the community.

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