Arizona is to Welcome Afghan Refugees, here is what you need to know…

    PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey and Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers today released the following statement regarding Afghans fleeing the Taliban regime and seeking refuge in the United States:

    The State Of Arizona

    “In Ephesians 2:19 the Bible states, ‘So then you are no longer strangers and sojourners, but you are fellow citizens with the holy ones and members of the household of God’

    “The Afghans fleeing the Taliban regime served alongside America’s military forces and fought for freedom. We’re grateful for their efforts and Arizona wholeheartedly welcomes our fair share of the refugees in our state.

    “They supported our military efforts and served as translators, interpreters, drivers and more — and were instrumental in our nation’s operations and the safety of U.S. soldiers. They helped our fight to defeat terrorist organizations and defend human rights, and now their lives are in danger.

    “These refugees are in this position because of President Biden’s negligence and inability to lead. His failure on this issue is a threat not just to the progress done for the people of Afghanistan, but also to the national security of the United States and our allies around the world.

    “Despite the President’s poor response to growing tensions in the Middle East, Arizona recognizes the service of thousands of Afghans over the last 20 years. As refugees come and find homes in states across the nation, we welcome them to our state full of opportunity and choice, and we’re working closely with federal and state officials to offer them safety in Arizona.

    “Individuals arriving in the United States through the refugee resettlement program are vetted and approved by the appropriate national security agencies and then granted legal entry into the country. It appears that these Afghans who receive a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) for their service to the United States will be taken first to a military base or location outside the country while the vetting process is being completed.

    “When they have been cleared for entry into the United States for their service to our military, we are ready to welcome them and help them settle into their new home in the land of the free.

    “The Arizona Office of Refugee Resettlement housed at the Arizona Department of Economic Security will work with them to secure housing and employment, enroll in English classes if needed, connect them with health care resources, and their children—including their daughters who would be denied an education under the Taliban—will be enrolled in school. They helped our military members in their country, and now we stand ready to help them in ours.”

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    1. Helll no! We will vote your ass out of office! We have enough problems with the illegals coming across. I was a Federal employee and I know how this relocation works. We’re supporting all these illegals, providing their health care, setting them up with a business and the feds look the other way when they break our laws, and the government provides them with very nice housing and a Mercedes in every driveway. My family was in this country before it became a country. We’ve worked hard all our lives for what we have and the government is giving it all away to every illegal and refugee they can. In a matter of months this country has and is being, destroyed and I fear there is no fixing it. And don’t even get me started on covid!

      • I agree with all you said. With all the problems we already have, don’t push the limits by adding more problems. What ever happened to helping our own. You give these immigrants more than we ever got when we started out. And don’t forget who built this country.

    2. What is the margin of error in the vetting process? Name one government program that is run without errors. Quoting the Christian Bible in a Moslem context does not make sense Paul was talking about brothers in Christ.

    3. This all well and good …. but
      1). What about our own ? They don’t have homes, no money , food
      What does it take for help with our own people?
      We need to come FIRST !
      We can’t even take care of ourselves let alone refugees and you want us to be happy about this welcome them with open arms ?????
      People crossing our borders and now coming here by plane are getting way more then we as Americans get.
      to bad we as tax payers can’t choose who we give our money to,
      what about this so called virus?
      They are coming here sick tooooo?


    4. I’m a Vietnam vet and remember the horrors of that evacuation. To see people trying to hang on to skids on Huey and falling to their death. This current administration should go to prison over this. Biden tries to cover it up by his lies. We do owe these peoples. I feel this administration should cover the cost of taking care of people out of the general fund or the politicians trust fund. They have used Social Security in the past. When I say the past it goes back to when the Cubans came into the country in the early 60’s. Biden just this week took his pen and wiped out Billions of dollars for student loans. Nancy Pelosi just gave them all a unearned large pay raise none deserve. I know I’m off the subject a little here but they are looking at 30,000 Afghans and they haven’t even taken care of the border mess that administration caused. So what about those immigrants. They dump a large number here in Arizona. Gila Bend was hit hard and no monies to take care of them. There was a price of what it is costing the Americans is $47,000 dollars a day and increasing that doesn’t cover the cost of flying those back to their country. America wake up this administration lies to us every day and spending trillions of dollars we don’t have then waves students loans and giving our politicians a pay raise they have not earn. Let’s make America and welcome these new immigrants who have helped us

    5. What shall the rest of our American People do for jobs go without someone rely on Govt
      Moment handouts soupkitchens food banks,while we help others first again sounds like 1955 all over again at holding areas across this country just getting out of the pandemic,only a few of us got stimulus checks ,been here all my life never got one check,
      I.tjink its wrong of Congress to make us wait while you give to them first ,WRONG

    6. I as a Refugee myself pray for the women and children, but also pray that they will be as grateful Americans as I am
      And not come to try and change our way of life in this great land that’s my home.

    7. President Biden is not responsible for this fiasco, Trump is. He sold out Afghanistan when he made a deal with the Taliban and released the man who has now declared himself the leader in that country. Trump also released 5,000 Afghans , Taliban supporters . Trump also refused to have briefings with President Biden when he took over the reins of government. Getting our supporters out of Afghanistan should have started months ago because we knew and they knew we were finally ending this occupation. On top of that, Bush Jr. lied us into the war in the first place. Republicons, stop lying to the American people!

    8. Our government is so wrong for this because we can’t even take care of our vets that are homeless we should be looking out for them I’m giving them housing give Healthcare giving them whatever they need for their services we’ve lost our always are whales righteousness

    9. I can’t wait for Doug Ducey to be out of office. Biden inherited this mess and he is getting us out of that faux war that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld got us in to. Cheney’s near bankrupt company Halliburton made millions off this war. We owe these refugees a safe haven, although Arizona and all the racists won’t like it.

    10. Would love to be of service if any are relocated to the Prescott area. “What you do to the least of these, you do for Me”. Can hardly wait to give them a big Arizona welcome and hug! (Having lived/visited many other countries, I know how important this is!)

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