Where can you go and see Red Rock Formations under ground?

    The drive to Page,Arizona is very scenic as you drive through the painted desert and the Navajo Nation Reservation there is spectacular views. When you arrive in Page,Arizona, you can drive right out to the upper and lower Antelope Canyon. The Navajos are giving tours on a limited basis because of Covid restrictions,also you must wear a mask.

    You can sign up for a tour that is about an hour long. They will take you down to the Canyon where you will see awesome formations of sandstone and red rock. We do not recommend if you are afraid of heights or if you are claustrophobic. They do take you through a series of 11 letters up and down..

    Lower Antelope Canyon

    The tour guide is very knowledgeable on the area and the formations and traditions of the Navajo People.They allowed you to bring a camera and they even coach you on how to get good pictures. No videos allowed because the land is sacred. During the monsoon season they’re very careful not to take tours during that time if there is rain in the forecast because of flash flooding so please call ahead. This trip was not only magical it was memorable.

    Eagle Photo by Yvonne Braeker

    A short distance away six miles to be exact,is Horse Shoe Bend. This is where the Colorado river runs through the Grand Canyon. It is referred to as the east rim of the Grand Canyon. Horse Shoe Bend is a 20 minute hike in and out, with a small fee for parking.

    Horse Shoe Bend

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