Prescott Valley News- Projects to help improve traffic flow.

    The Town of Prescott Valley has numerous projects scheduled in its 2021-2022 fiscal year budget to improve traffic flow in the community.

    Construction completed in the 2020-2021 fiscal year included the ongoing street maintenance program, Viewpoint/Pronghorn Ranch Parkway Intersection Improvements, Glassford/Spouse Signal Improvements, the Prescott Valley/Yavapai County partnership to widen Sunset Lane and install storm drainage and sidewalks between Glassford Hill Road and Prescott East Highway, the Glassford Hill Free Flow Right lane from Highway 89A to Glassford Hill Road, the Coyote Springs School Sidewalk project, and the one-mile new section opening for Viewpoint Connector improvements. 

    The Fiscal Year 2021-2022 budget will include the following projects: 

    • Pavement Maintenance Program – Summer 2021: The Town will continue its pavement maintenance program through this summer. The program restores residential streets to historic widths and resurfaces to include periodic chip seal maintenance. Paid for with a dedicated half-cent sales tax which has allowed the Town to move to a more frequent maintenance schedule. 
    • Antelope Meadows Free Flow Right (partnership with Yavapai County) – Completion in September 2021: This project will improve the flow of right turn lane traffic from Antelope Meadows onto Pronghorn Ranch Parkway. Paid for with Development Impact Fees and Yavapai County funding.
    • Park View Drive Connector – Completion in September 2021: This project will provide roadway connectivity between Viewpoint Drive (Viewpoint Subdivision) and Antelope Meadows Parkway (Pronghorn Subdivision), to include double chip seal pavement. Paid for with Highway User Revenue Funds (HURF). 
    • Glassford Hill Road Pavement Rehabilitation – Completion in Spring 2022: This project will take up and replace the pavement on Glassford Hill Road from Highway 69 to Florentine Road. Paid for with HURF and half cent sales tax funds. 
    • Florentine Road ImprovementsCompletion in Fall 2022: This project will include improvements on Florentine Road from Navajo to Grizzly Bear Drive, to include replacing the open channel on the north side with an underground storm drain system and sidewalk, and full pavement replacement. Paid for with HURF funds.
    • Viewpoint Connector Manley to Spouse Drives – Completion in Spring 2022: This project includes construction improvements on Viewpoint Drive between Spouse and Manley Drives, to include expansion from two to four lanes and sidewalks. Paid for with a third-cent sales tax passed in 2002, dedicated to maintenance and improvement of arterial streets within the Town.  
    • Viewpoint Channel Design Study – To begin Spring 2022: This is a continuing study to identify infrastructure to improve stormwater flow in the channel from Spouse to Long Look Drives. Paid for with Yavapai County Flood Control dollars. 
    • Starlight Sidewalk (partnership with Yavapai County) – Completion late Spring 2022: This project consists of sidewalk improvements on the east side of Starlight Drive between Sunset Lane and Bison Lane. Paid for with Yavapai County Flood Control dollars, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and HURF funds.

    For detailed maps and more information as these projects move forward, please visit or call Public Works at 928-759-3070. 

    2021 August

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