Prescott Valley Police Department honors outstanding personnel in annual awards

    The Prescott Valley Police Department on Friday, June 4, honored its outstanding officers and civilian staff during a banquet at the Findlay Toyota Center. The following recognitions were given during the evening.

     Officer of the Year (Police Meritorious Service Ribbon): Cameron Loughmiller

    The Police Meritorious Service Ribbon is designed for the recognition of a sworn officer and is awarded for sustained long term, noteworthy achievement through the calendar year. Officer Cameron Loughmiller, a six-year officer, has served with the patrol division, the department SWAT Team, and most recently the Drug Enforcement Unit.

    Over the past year, Officer Loughmiller refined his skills as an officer and took every opportunity to work alongside other officers who were more experienced in illegal drug activity. He has made numerous traffic stops, looking for narcotics, searching for drugs and building information to assist area PANT detectives in their investigations. Officer Loughmiller is also a member of the PVPD SWAT Team. 

    Recently, the department developed a new Drug enforcement Unit (DEU).  Officer Loughmiller tested and was selected for the position. In 2020, Cameron completed 60 citations, 4 DUIs, responded to 862 calls for service resulting in 53 arrests, and received three commendations. 

    (Due to the nature of Cameron’s position no photo is available.)

    Rookie of the Year: Sabrina Rozendaal

    The Rookie of the Year Award is designed for the recognition of a probationary officer.  The award is for sustained, long term effort and noteworthy achievement during the officer’s field training and subsequent service.

    Officer Sabrina Rozendaal graduated from NARTA Class 48 on May 8, 2020.  During her time at NARTA, Officer Rozendaal was appointed by her classmates to be the class treasurer.  At graduation, she was the number one recruit in the class, winning the Academia Award.  She was the first female in NARTA’s history to win the highest overall Firearms Score Award, and was awarded the Tyler Stewart Honor Recruit Award.  

    Officer Rozendaal recently completed her first year of service and was released from probation, now serving her community on third shift.  She has maintained her high standards since. 

    In 2020, Officer Rozendaal responded to 333 calls for service, has written 77 reports, conducted 12 DUIs, 42 arrests, and has received two commendations for her actions.  

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