News Story: YHS takes in over 60 small dogs! There are some stories and rumors starting to circulate concerning this story that we would like to defuse.

    yhs pRESCOTT
    Prescott Animal Control

    Animal Control requested some help from YHS to transport due to the large number so two of YHS staff were on-site at the residence.

    Despite a large number of dogs in the residence, they were extremely well taken care of. They are all clean, healthy, well-fed, and well socialized.

    The owner voluntarily surrendered all the dogs that YHS has from her residence. The number of her animals simply got out of hand as her original dogs are not spayed or neutered.

    The dogs are all mostly about 2 years of age and younger and most seem related. There are also a few litters of still nursing puppies that make up a good portion of the number.

    All of the dogs that are already old enough will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, wormed, and microchipped within the next two weeks or so and all will be available for adoption at YHS.

    The puppies will be weaned, they will also get all of the above when they are old enough for surgery and then they will also go up for adoption after their spays/neuters.

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