Meet and Greet for Phil Goode at Granite Park June 5th.

    Phil Goode Prescott Candidate for Mayor

    A small group gathers at the Granite Creek Park to meet and greet Prescott candidate for Mayor Phil Goode. The afternoon was filled with talks of plans for the future.

    Phil Goode is ………

    • Decorated Vietnam combat veteran.

    •Career medical industry executive managing complex budgets.

    • Ardent defender of the 2nd Amendment.

    •Constitutional conservative.

    Phil speaking

    Phil’s key issues……

    Prescott ‘s population growth rate

    Planned growth rather than just reacting to demands of developers.

    Researched, in depth strategies needed NOW for Prescott’s future.

    Water- Prescott’s most precious asset should stay within city limits.

    As Mayor , Phil Will ……….

    Respect Public Input and Ensure Transparency •No public policy made behind closed doors •Welcome and acknowledge public opinion•Restore the impact Veteran’s Commission.

    Protect Prescott Resources and culture •Manage water conservatively • Slow down unplanned growth and development•Preserve our small town character and western heritage.

    Provide Experienced, Executive Leadership • Research, develop, and implement solutions to relieve congestion and traffic. •Maintain low taxes and limited government.

    Hot dog feast
    Phil Goode (Mayor Candidate)
    Small group gathers at Granite Creek Park

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