The Town of Prescott Valley offers college credit with the new internship program!!!

    Are you a college student interested in pursuing a career in governmental operations? Are you looking for a way to earn college credit and real-life experience at the same time? Look no further than the Town of Prescott Valley’s Internship Program.


    Our goal is to provide an intern with the opportunity to apply information and skills obtained in the classroom to real-life working situations. The unpaid internship offers the opportunity to gain practical work experience in planning, organizing, evaluating, and participating in various Town programs for college coursework credit. It provides the intern with a constructive review and evaluation of skills and competencies; thus, allowing realistic direction to further professional development, higher education, and career goals. 

    The Town of Prescott Valley offers internships to qualified applicants in the areas of Community Development, Human Resources, Law Enforcement, Legal, Library Services, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Utilities, and Town Management. Our internships allow you to join a community of dedicated, energetic, and experienced public servants to make a difference in the community. 

    Ideal candidates will have/be: 

    • A current student pursuing a degree program in a related field to governmental operations.
    • The ability to work 10 to 20 hours weekly; a self-starter who isn’t afraid to try new things.
    • A critical thinker with strong organizational and technical skills, able to operate a variety of different platforms. 
    • The ability to be a strong communicator and listener with high emotional intelligence and interpersonal social skills to work effectively in a team-oriented, collaborative environment. 
    • A genuine interest in the government operations/public service field. 
    • A heart for public service and innovation. 

    To apply, visit our website at The Town of Prescott Valley is an Equal Opportunity Employer. For more information or questions, please contact the Prescott Valley Human Resources Department at 928-759-3009. 

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