42-year-old Edward Kayer

    PRESCOTT, AZ – On Monday, March 22nd, 2021, at around 10:30 p.m., Yavapai County Deputies  were involved in an officer-involved shooting that resulted in the death of an armed and dangerous fugitive, 42-year-old Edward Kayer of Carefree. 

    Kayer was wanted by the Sedona Police Department in connection to a shooting incident that  took place on February 27th, 2021. Kayer was suspected of firing more than a dozen rounds  outside a restaurant after getting into an argument with someone he was with. At the time, he  left the area before police arrived on the scene. 

    On Monday, March 22nd, Sedona Police received a tip that Kayer was in Prescott Valley and  requested the assistance of Prescott Valley PD in locating him. At around 2:15  p.m., PVPD located Kayer on a motorcycle and attempted to pull him over. Kayer refused to  stop and took off into the Legend Hills Community. PVPD Officers coordinated a search of the  community and surrounding areas and found evidence he dumped his motorcycle and took off  on foot. YCSO deputies were called and saturated the area in an effort to find the suspect. In  addition, the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s Ranger helicopter was asked to provide air  support during the search. A Code Red emergency notification message was sent out to  neighbors in the area letting them know an armed and dangerous suspect was in the area,  along with a description of the suspect. YCSO received several calls from concerned citizens  with tips on Kayer’s location.  

    “We can’t thank the public enough for their help during the search for Kayer. Not only did we  get numerous reports on his general location, but we also received information  that Kayer made statements that he was armed and would fire at law enforcement if they  approached because he didn’t want to go back to prison,” said Sheriff David Rhodes, Yavapai  County Sheriff’s Office. “This was crucial information that our deputies needed, and the outcome  may have been different had we not known this.” 

    Just after 10 pm, Deputies received a final tip from the public, stating that Kayer was hiding in  a field in the area of Antelope Meadows Road near Dogtown Road, in the Antelope  Meadows Community. Three deputies headed into the area to search the field. As  deputies began their search, Kayer fired multiple shots at deputies, striking a patrol car. The  deputies took cover and AZ DPS Ranger located the suspect and shined a spotlight  on him allowing deputies to return fire. 

    “The area that the shooting took place was in an open field. It was extremely dark and our  deputies were exposed, having to take cover immediately while trying to determine where the  shots came from,” said Sheriff David Rhodes. “Without the aerial support from the DPS Ranger 

    that located the suspect and put a spotlight on Kayer, our deputies could have been seriously  hurt or even killed. We are grateful for their help and so thankful our deputies weren’t injured  by the suspect.” 

    Kayer was pronounced dead on the scene. Kayer was convicted of Manslaughter out of Oregon and  served 15 years in Prison. He was wanted for a parole violation in connection to that case. He was a prohibited possessor.

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