Maria C. Goes to The Prescott Creamery & Soda Shop

    The Prescott Creamery is located in the Fry’s shopping off of Willow Creek RD. This Ice cream shop is fun and innovative carrying flavored sodas and rolled ice cream. The owner Andy Jolley did research on many ice cream shops across the land and was able to bring his version to Prescott, AZ. The Prescott Creamery has Mixed Soda, Example: Thumb Butte – Coke+ Coffee+ half & half + Coconut, Eagle- Dr. Pepper + Cinnamon vanilla, Montezuma – Coke + English Coffee or if you are creative, create your own mixture. I dare you!

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    The rolled ice cream has a base of heavy cream and then placed at a temperature of -20 Celsius where the creation begins; they have named their different ice creams after the school mascots in our local area. I had the coyote which is vanilla ice cream with fresh raspberries and blackberries mixed in, topped with whip cream and extra berries. You can also create your own mixture with ingredients to your liking. Some extras on the menu are boba tea and non-dairy ice cream (which is coconut base) for those that are lactose intolerant. Let the creation begin.

    The Prescott Creamery & Soda Shop is a wonderful addition to our local area. This is a place for the whole family to spend some time together creating memories and eating great ice cream too. Their slogan at the PCSS is “Ice Cream is like a time machine, it brings you back to a place of happiness.” 

    If you would like to follow me on my foodie adventures, please go to

    The Prescott Times (news source) & Prescott Good Eats(FB foodie group) Let’s get cooking!

    Maria Colby (cheese) 

    The Prescott Creamery & Soda Shop

    3180 Willow Creek rd. Suite A3

    Next to Method Coffee and Jack in the Box

    Days & Hours

    Monday Closed

    Tues- Thursday 1- 9 pm

    Fri  3 – 10 pm

    Sat 12 – 10 pm

    Sun 12 – 9 pm

    Email: [email protected]

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