Maria Visits The Squealing Hog Food Truck!

    By, Maria Colby

    The Squealing Hog

    Smoked Eats BBQ

    8367 Peco Dr. Prescott Valley 

    Next to Barefoot Bob’s Billiards

    Hours:  Wed 11 am – 6 pm

                  Thurs 11am – 8 pm

                  Fri/Sat 11 am – 10 pm

                  Sun 11 am – 6pm

                  Mon / Tuesday Closed

    The Squealing Hog is located in a red food truck next to Barefoot Bob’s Billiards, on the back end of Prescott Valley. This place is owned by Logan and Dusty they are cracking the smoked meat out daily. 

    They have Cow, Pig, Burgers, Dogs, Fixin, Sweet Eats…………As you walk up to the place you can smell the smoke and meat cooking in the smoker. It has a wonderful patio to eat outside or you can take your food inside of Barefoot Bob’s Billiards or take it home. Dusty gets up early in the wee hours to start smoking the meat. The meat is wrapped in butcher paper to keep the juice locked in. Logan arrives at a line of hungry folks. They have pulled pork sandwiches, brisket, and tri-tip by the pound, sausages, baby back / spare ribs, burgers, Chicago dogs, squealing slaw, mac & cheese, country beans, pecan  & pumpkin pie, bread pudding. Keep a plum eye on for the special of the week. The “Holy Trinity” is a smacking Jumbo array of smoked meats with pecan and fireball pumpkin pie.  A must-try. YUM!

    Meat and wood smoke are essential to the daily style of cooking at The Squealing Hog. The long slow cooking process can take up to 18 hours and leaves the meat tender and juicy. The hardwood of the different varieties of oak impact a strong smoke flavor. The sauces they add to the meat are giving you a full smack to your taste buds. 

    Dusty and Logan are kicking it out, in taste and in flavor, spending a Saturday afternoon on the back patio eating real barbeque drinking up the sun, is not a bad place to be. This new addition to Prescott Valley will give others a little competition in the smoked eats department. Check this food truck out! THE SQUEALING HOG is a must-try. You will howl out a large Squeal when you try this place!

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    SUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEE!     Let’s get cookin!  

    Maria Colby (Cheese)

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