Viewpoint Connector opening will include traffic flow changes starting Monday, March 8

    By Heidi Dahms Foster

    The Town of Prescott Valley will officially open its much-anticipated Viewpoint Connector project after a ceremony on March 11. The new corridor contains significant traffic flow modifications.  

    In January, the Town held a public meeting to discuss the results of a traffic study on six intersections on Viewpoint Drive from Lakeshore to Roundup, with recommended changes. The most significant of these is the change of traffic flow on the Spouse/Viewpoint and Manley/Viewpoint intersections, with the east/west routes for both Manley and Spouse intersections changing to a stopped condition beginning on Monday, March 8. 

    This new north-south roadway corridor in Prescott Valley entered the planning stages in the early 2000s to eventually relieve the steady increase of traffic on the adjacent Robert Road and Glassford Hill Road corridors. The new roadway will provide direct access from Highway 89A to Skoog Boulevard. 

    The Town is asking drivers to view the attached map and note that this stop pattern will be permanent. Please use caution when driving through these areas and be sure to obey the posted speed limit.

    The Town awarded the construction contract for the current 1-mile Viewpoint Connector project in 2017. Previous phases included the Long Look/Viewpoint Intersection, the Spouse/Viewpoint Intersection and the Viewpoint Extension between Skoog Boulevard and Long Look Drive. This project was recommended as a priority by the resident-driven 2002 Street Committee Report. 


    Along with road improvements, construction included a massive drainage project to channel floodwaters from several areas of Town. The multi-year project’s final cost was approximately $15.4 million, paid for with flood control dollars and the Town’s 1/3 cent sales tax for road construction. 

    For more information call Public Works at 928-759-3070.

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