Chino Valley, AZ: On Sunday, February 7, 2021, at approximately 2:30 PM, the Yavapai  County Sheriff’s Office received a call concerning the well-being and mental health of a 57- year-old Chino Valley man. 

    YCSO deputies, YCSO SWAT, and Chino Valley PD all responded to a home near the 2500 block  of West Sundial Road in Chino Valley after receiving information that Emery Dodd had  told a family member that he wanted to kill himself or have law enforcement come and do  “suicide by cop.” Just before leaving the home and calling 911, the family member said they were upstairs when they heard Dodd fire the handgun towards the ceiling, from his location downstairs. 

    Deputies quickly arrived on the scene and were able to make phone contact with Dodd,  convincing him to come outside. Dodd was carrying an AR-15 type rifle and was wearing body  armor. The Deputies began negotiations with Dodd, attempting to get him to put down his  weapon and body armor, but Dodd continued to hold the barrel of his rifle under his chin. Dodd reiterated what he told family members – that he wanted to end his life by shooting himself or have law enforcement do it. 

    Deputies evacuated residents in the area. After two hours of intense negotiations with SWAT  negotiators, who were aided by health care professionals from the Spectrum Crisis  Team, Dodd was convinced to put the rifle down and take off his body 


    armor. He was taken into custody without any further incident. 

    “This is the second time this month that our SWAT team has been called out because  someone threatened to take their own life. These types of calls are extremely dangerous for  our deputies and are never easy. We appreciate all the hard work and effort made by our  deputies to deescalate the situation with Mr. Dodd.” said Sheriff David Rhodes, Yavapai  County Sheriff’s Office. “YCSO has forged a strong relationship between law enforcement and  our health care professionals. Having these professionals working with law enforcement on  scene has not only proven to aid in bringing dangerous calls like these to a non-violent end,  but they can provide an avenue for mental health treatment for the people who really need  it.” 

    “The officers involved in this case recognized and understood the mental health crisis that Mr.  Dodd was experiencing and believed that the safest outcome could occur if they were to team  up with crisis responders,” said Beya Thayer, Executive Director of the Yavapai Justice and  Mental health Coalition. “Law enforcement agencies in Yavapai County have made training 

    officers in mental health awareness and crisis prevention a top priority and this is a prime  example of how that training has paid off, and hopefully, Mr. Dodd will be able to get the help  he needs.” 

    YCSO relies on Spectrum, TERROS, and West Yavapai Guidance Clinic to assist in crisis situations regularly. We are constantly providing training to our detectives and deputies so they can be more aware of the mental health issues that play a role in these types of incidents. 

    Following the incident, investigators found several firearms staged inside the residence in  different locations with ammunition. Dodd was transported to the Yavapai County Jail where  he was booked on charges of Endangerment (DV), Weapons Misconduct(DV), Threatening and  Intimidating(DV), Reckless Handling of a Weapon(DV), Assault(DV), and Disorderly  Conduct(DV).

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