ChowTime: A New Delivery Service Where We Deliver Favorite Restaurant Eats Locally

    As we all know, the need for delivery continues to rise thanks to our busy lives, increasing demand for convenience, and the pandemic. Prescott’s delivery market is currently served by Doordash, Postmates, GrubHub and Ubereats, corporate behemoths whose business platforms leave much to be desired.

    These companies siphon money from our local businesses, many of which have been sorely hurt by COVID-19.  Their call centers are outside of the United States. Outsourcing doesn’t just pose an ethical issue, it creates frustration when communicating with a customer service representative whose primary language is not English. As one restaurant manager put it, “I can’t understand what they’re saying. It’s so frustrating.” These companies are based in San Francisco and Chicago. They conduct their business here from out of state. Distance precludes them from prioritizing service. ChowTime is dedicated to providing the best for our area with local drivers, uniforms, customer service, and etiquette.

    I love Prescott and Northern Arizona! I am a nurse who lives and works here. I noticed the need for a better local delivery solution, so I decided to open ChowTime. 

    At ChowTime, our hallmark is customer service. Each driver is formally trained. Our drivers are always in uniform. We are courteous, friendly, and professional. We use thermal bags to keep our food restaurant-fresh! We use tamper-proof seals for added security and peace of mind.  ChowTime goes to great lengths to represent our local restaurants with respect and integrity. We are nimble in our response to local concerns and issues because we live here.

    We are currently servicing Prescott and Prescott Valley and hope to offer services to our neighbors in the Verde Valley in the next several months.  We will also be offering grocery and prescription delivery in the near future and are looking at ways to provide our services to folks in financial distress.

    This is Prescott. This is our town, and we deserve better!  Please help us support our local community.  


    Anna Hammerle 


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