GEM Corps Workforce Development Program

    GEM Corps Workforce Development Program

    Professional Development, Scholarship, and Job Training Opportunities for Students

    A Prescott Non-Profit Prioritizing the Next Generation of Leaders Through

    a Conservation- Based Job Readiness Program

    Prescott, AZ: GEM Environmental (GEM), is a 501(c)3 non-profit headquartered in Prescott AZ. The organization is now accepting AmeriCorps Crew Member applications for their newly created professional development program called GEM Corps. GEM is seeking young, motivated individuals looking to gain experience through hands-on training and professional development in conservation work.

    GEM Corps crew members will be offered extensive opportunities to work with community partners on a variety of projects over the course of their 675-hour terms. Members will serve approximately 15 hours per week, with 8-10 hours over the weekends working on community projects and 1-5 hours of professional development and/or leadership training occurring on weekdays. The crew will be mentored and trained by field professionals and experienced team leaders as they gain practical knowledge and certifications geared toward helping them find and apply for conservation jobs in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. 

    Following the successful completion of their term, members are eligible to receive the following: $2,360 Segal Education Award, one-year of Non-Competitive federal hiring status eligibility, 30-hour OSHA General Industries Certification, Professional Training certificates in conservation work, and a Civic Leadership Certificate from Prescott College.

    GEM has previously offered a variety of internship opportunities for local students; however, the GEM Corps goes above and beyond the average internship by providing unique experiential learning opportunities at no cost to the participant. While reflecting on his term with GEM, past intern Dallas Willoughby shared, “The service-learning program was great in teaching me about the job and helping me to understand all the different parts of it. Every part of the experience helped me not just in the STEM world, but in learning things like interacting and working with others.”

    In addition to GEM Corps, GEM sponsors a variety of public programs– including scholarships, paid internships, regular environmental education programming, community clean-ups, and more. To learn more and apply for GEM Corps visit All applications are due by February 1st, 2021, and should be submitted directly through the online application on the GEM website at

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