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    Let’s start with a wonderful MLK quote in this horrific time we are living through. “ A nation or
    civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on an installment plan.” Soft-mindedness in medicine or social policy is deadly.

    Next, I know I thought Fauci was reputable at the outset of all of this, and I still believe he does not have bad intentions, but I think he is drinking the fear-factor koolaid. I think he is becoming soft-minded.

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    So the numbers have risen, yet the mortality rate is dropping. This is wonderful
    news. Those getting infected are younger, and only ~160 nationwide have died throughout this
    crisis. Compare that to 85,000+ older adults. Everyone is pinning their hopes on a vaccine,
    but actually the best prevention for the rest us is herd immunity-esp immunity acquired from actually having the disease-so called wild-type immunity. It is always better than a vaccine.
    So the more younger people who get the disease, the better for older adults. Schools should open, and the older adults who work in that environment must be protected in some fashion.
    This is much more reasonable than keeping school age children at home, which indirectly affects their family’s economic state and directly, their own growth through life. Wear a mask
    inside!!!!! Younger people who are infected, in general, will have shorter hospitalizations, if at all. They will rarely need ICU care or ventilators. Just stay away from the teenagers, they are
    surly anyways;)))

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    So the southern states of Arizona, Louisiana, Texas and Florida, and the Southeast are
    currently experiencing extreme surges in Covid cases. Why?? For sure, there is an increase in
    testing, therefore there will be more cases. So a more specific number is the increase in
    hospitalization and ICU cases. (Lower in Arizona this week than last despite the increased number of tests-86% now, was 88%) It can’t just be the reopen; other states have reopened and are not seeing the surge. Because the virus has been shown to be denatured by heat, all
    the experts hoped for a decrease in cases with the onset of warmer temperatures. Well, Alex Berenson posits, and I agree that it is exactly the heat that is causing the problem. For those of us who live in areas where it’s not the heat it’s the humidity, or vice versa, which applies to all of the above mentioned states, what happens when the humidity is 80% and the temperature is 95, or the temperature is 110 with 10% humidity?? We go inside and pump up the air conditioner. Now there may not be great ventilation in our houses, or bars and restaurants in these states. We don’t exercise outside, we go to gyms where most everyone is
    breathing hard. So imagine someone who doesn’t know they have an infection, who is carrying a high viral load who goes to a restaurant and sits under a vent blowing across the
    rest of the room. Further, the air is being recycled and the ventilation system itself is not that great with unchanged or inadequate filtration. He sits there for 90 minutes and 8 tables are downwind from him. How many of those people at the downwind tables will contract Covid?

    A lot. Leave the restaurant if the servers do not wear masks. Period.
    Lots of the increase in numbers comes from the 20-29 year old group and in light of the above
    theory this makes sense. They were careful and masked early on, then when restrictions lifted
    they began to go out to bars and restaurants and hang with their peers-normal behavior. But it
    was all inside, not playing frisbee golf or soccer or pick up basketball outside. It’s too hot. Most of them will do ok, the main concern is that they do not spread it to older or medically vulnerable people who share their indoor spaces. Thus the airflow discussion. Outside is really not much of a problem. There has been very little documented spread of the virus from people interacting outside. I don’t believe masks are even necessary at all outside UNLESS you
    cannot social distance. Pools and other outdoor activities should be allowed to open if they limit the volume. Closing beaches wholesale is truly ignorant.
    To illustrate this idea I am attaching two pictures.

    One from a study done in South Korea in the
    first surge of their epidemic and one also done in China. These were done very early on in the pandemic and I have waited and waited to hear some ‘expert’ discuss their meaning. Thesilence is deafening. These are widely available to any one who looks at either the CDC publications or the NIH ones. The South Korea diagram shows a call center that is centrally divided into two separate spaces
    on one floor. The spaces are separated by the elevator system. On the side with at least one infected person, there are many downwind infections. The other side of the room and other
    floors have very few. The other is from a restaurant with a similar situation. Clients were seated at round tables-those in the direct flow of air became infected at a high rate, the others did not.

    So, when you want to go out to eat, choose your seat. Do not simply accept the one your host takes you to. Look at the ventilation. Better yet, sit on a patio or terrace. I cannot imagine bars and casinos can be good on any level-too crowded. I have had a former patient pick up Legionnaires’ pneumonia from a casino, which tells you what the ventilation is like. I am even skeptical of gyms, especially small ones. Too much heavy breathing going on there;)) Staying in a hotel is actually probably not too problematic; one can social distance there. Ubers and cabs-wear a mask. Outdoor pools tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields, baseball
    fields etc. are prob all good, again as long as there is distancing. Do not go to any indoor location where others must shout to be hear-imagine the little virgins just swirling around from
    all the open mouthed breathers.

    In addition, the ‘Rona’ may be mutating. There is evidence to suggest that it may be trending towards less virulence. This was never going to be like Ebola, which some suggested early on. Ebola is an unsuccessful virus-it kills too many people to spread widely. Think of the common cold; so successful because it kills virtually no one. I truly hope this helps calm some fears. As always, everyone knows how to find me-I should be available except for a weekend here and there for the rest of the summer. Hang in there,
    don’t drink the koolaid being propagated.

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