A Message From Skyler Reeves Owner of Barley Hound

    Dear Prescott, 

    I miss you all so much! The current events have given me a few moments of pause and introspection over the last few weeks, and several things have become clear to me.

    First of all, how grateful I am to simply be able to host a get-together at the Barley Hound, whether it be on the front patio, backyard bar, or private room upstairs. Gathering with great people from all walks of life is what I love most about this business! They say “it’s the little things in life” and I promise not to ever take the simple act of gathering with friends for granted every again!

    Secondly, being forced to stay at home does have some upside! Having some time with my kids during all of this, and even having virtual dinners via webcam with parents who live here in Prescott, has reinforced to me (and my staff) how important loved ones are in life. Despite these trying times I am so very thankful for the people, places, and things that we DO have.

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    Third, I miss serving our regulars, travelers, locals, and tourists our awesome food and drinks! Oh how I can’t wait to get back to serving the community our creative, fresh, unique lunch, dinner, beer wine and cocktails! 

    Taking all of this into consideration we have decided to do a one day only pop up THANKSGIVING DINNER. Prepared with love (and safety of course) by our staff for you, sealed up and ready to take home, heat up, and enjoy with your family. We are offering this at a great price in hopes that many people can take advantage of it. Come pick it up this Friday the 3rd of April between 4 and 7pm. We hope this will give you the chance to gather with the family and enjoy a traditional meal where giving thanks is part of the meal. 

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    I am so grateful for everyone that has made the Barley Hound what it is over these past 5 years, and can’t wait to make another 5 years worth of memories with you all when this is all over.


    Skyler Reeves

    Thanksgiving Dinner (dinner for 2 – 16.99, family sized 59.99)

    • Sliced Turkey Breast – seasoned and slow smoked with local hardwood
    • Robuchon Mashed Potatoes with Brown Gravy
    • Mom’s Green Bean Casserole – Just like you remember 
    • Traditional Cranberry Sauce
    • Hawaiin Dinner Rolls

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