Arizona Cardinals Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Ron Minegar Arrested

    Arizona Cardinals Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Ron Minegar was arrested Saturday on suspicion of driving under the influence, police said.

    Minegar, 60, was spotted in Chandler, Ariz., swerving and drifting into the bike lane before he was pulled over for speeding.

    Minegar was arrested on suspicion of DUI, cited, and eventually released from jail.


    The Cardinals released a statement on the incident.

    “Ron Minegar’s actions last night are inexcusable. He made the decision to drive after drinking alcohol and is fortunate that he was pulled over before injuring anyone or himself,” the statement read.

    “According to MADD, drunk driving results in almost 11,000 deaths per year and is the No. 1 cause of fatalities on roadways. We fully recognize the seriousness of these actions, and they will have serious consequences.”


    Minegar is starting his 20th season with the organization after leaving Disney Sports in 2000. He joined the Cardinals in 2000 from Disney Sports. Minegar is responsible for supervising the team’s business operations and developing the team’s strategic plan.

    It is the second time in more than a year that a Cardinals executive has been arrested for DUI.

    In 2018, Cardinals general manager Steve Keim was arrested and pleaded guilty to extreme DUI. The team subsequently suspended him for five weeks and fined him $200,000

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