Silverbacks Signings Begin

    PRESCOTT, AZ — Local sports anyone? Today, the Prescott Times had the opportunity to sit in on the first official team meeting and player signing of the Granite Mountain Silverbacks. Prescott’s semi-pro football team is heading into their second season and have high hopes for their success in the 2020 season which is set to start in February.

    The Granite Mountain Silverbacks have a lot planned for their players and the team as a whole. A lot of aesthetic, organizational, and administrative changes are being made coming out of their first season as an organization to support the growth of the organization and its players. In their meeting this morning, the Board of Directors presented what they expect from their players and what the organization can provide for the players in return. The Silverbacks plan to stick around and be a consistent contributor to the Prescott and Prescott Valley communities, whether that is influencing young athletes or providing citizens with a sports team to follow, cheer for, or be a part of from the sidelines. Head coach and one of the board leaders Lamont Dupree said,

    “We are here to support our community, boost their quality of life, and collaborate with our local businesses and in return we can hope for support in our endeavors as well.”

    – Lamont Dupree

    At the end of the team meeting, eight passionate and dedicated men had their official signing to be Silverbacks players in the 2020 season. This is prior to pre-season training, player signings will continue through to December.

    If you are interested in playing at the semi-pro level or know of someone who would be, reach out to Granite Mountain Athletics. If you’re looking forward to having a local team go like the “Granite Mountain Silverbacks” page on Facebook. The team will be posting fundraising opportunities, practice dates, the season schedule, and links to buying Granite Mountain Silverbacks merchandise on their page as they gear up for the season. Let’s go Silverbacks!

    Ricky Herrera signing on as a Granite Mountain Silverback
    Mathew Haas signing on as a Granite Mountain Silverback
    Rigo Garcia signing on as a Granite Mountain Silverback
    D’Anthony signing on as a Granite Mountain Silverback
    Jacob Cleaver signing on as a Granite Mountain Silverback

    Ryan O'Hara
    Ryan O'Hara is a 27-year-old professional boxing journalist based in Denver, Colorado. He currently works for The Ring Magazine and has been featured on ESPN, CBS, FOX, and a plethora of other outlets. O'Hara is also a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, where he earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees, before working as a news anchor for two years at Fox News Radio affiliate KYCA.

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