Chino Valleys Back To School Traffic Change


    The Chino Valley Police Department has established the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL traffic plan to facilitate and expedite traffic at Heritage Middle School, Del Rio Elementary School, and Territorial Early Childhood Center.  August 5, 2019, is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, which generally means increased traffic in the area of the schools.

    We strongly encourage parents to allow their child(ren) to ride the bus, even on the first day. If you choose to drop your child off at Del Rio Elementary or Heritage Middle School we encourage you to approach from the North utilizing Road 1 West from Perkinsville Road or Road 3 North as we have prevented most northbound access to the schools on the first day at Heritage Middle School and Del Rio Elementary School. Only right turns to travel north will be permitted when exiting the parking lot at Territorial Early Childhood Center.

    To help ensure constant traffic flow and reduce congestion we have restricted movement and traffic patterns in the area on August 5th from 6:30am until 7:45am.  The traffic changes, as illustrated on the attached map, will be as follows:

    1. No left turn out of any parking lots on any campus.
    2. No left turn into Del Rio Parking lot.
    3. Buses are the only exception to the left turn restriction.
    4. North Bound Traffic that wants to access Del Rio must turn left into Heritage Middle School, go through the parking lot and then head south on Road 1 West.  
    5. All parking lot traffic at Del Rio and Heritage must make a right turn when they exit and go to Road 2 North
    6. All parking lot traffic at Territorial must make a right turn when they exit and go to Perkinsville Road.
    7. Only access allowed into Del Rio parking/drop off lot will be from south bound traffic on Road 1 West.
    8. NO PARKING in drop off lanes at both Heritage Middle School and Del Rio Elementary School. 
    9. NO PARKING OR STOPPING on dirt shoulders outside of school areas.

    Uniformed Officers will be assisting with traffic control in the area.  Officers WILL NOT be authorized to issue warnings for parking violations in the school area during the 1st two weeks of school.

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