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News From Cottonwood Police Department

Robbery at Safeway Grocery Store in Cottonwood  

Cottonwood, AZ – Last Wednesday, October 26th around 1:00 P.M., Cottonwood Police Officers responded to the parking lot of the Safeway Grocery Store for a report of two adult females fighting. Prior to Officers arriving the suspect had left the area in a vehicle  and when doing so it was reported the victim was dragged by the vehicle for a short distance.  

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Officer’s contacted the victim who told them that prior to the assault she witnessed an adult male and female shoplifting items from the store. She followed the suspects out of the store in an attempt to capture video and photos of them. When doing so she told  them she was calling the police. It was said at this point the male subject ran across the parking lot and the female continued to walk to a vehicle.  

As the female was entering the vehicle the victim grabbed her arm. The suspect then began striking the victim which continued until a bystander intervened. The suspect took the phone from the victim due to the video evidence and began to speed away. As the  suspect was fleeing the area, the victim was hanging on to the suspect attempting to get her phone which created her to be dragged a short distance and thrown from the vehicle.  

The victim was identified as an employee for a separate business located within the Safeway Store. The victim was unable to recover her cell phone from the suspects, and the suspect’s left the area prior to law enforcement arriving. 

After several days of follow-up and determination, Officer Zack Smith was able to identify the suspects as 31-year-old Jessica Garcia and 35-year-old Ricardo Garcia of Los Banos, California.  

Jessica Garcia was interviewed over the phone and confessed to her involvement, saying she threw the phone in an attempt to destroy evidence. Jessica identified Ricardo Garcia as her husband.  

Based on Jessica and Ricardo residing out of state, efforts will be made to get them to return to face charges. Jessica Garcia will be charged with several felonies to include  Robbery, Tampering with Evidence and Endangerment. Ricardo Garcia will be charged with misdemeanor theft.


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