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Mayor Phil Goode Community Update

Hello, I’m Mayor Phil Goode with your weekly update. I am pleased to report that both Upper Goldwater Lake and Watson Lake have been re-opened after the closures related to the Crooks Fire. However, there continue to be restricted areas, so be sure to check with the Forest Service before traveling into the forest area. Links are below. In the meantime, excellent progress has been made with the Crooks Fire. They expect to have final containment this week, although various “after-fire” operations are still taking place. Once again, I want to thank our local firefighters and those that came from across the country to help our communities bring the Crooks Fire To a final conclusion with minimal damage to our area.

As you know, There have been several other wildfires in Yavapai County in recent years, and we cannot predict when or where the next one will occur. But, what we do know is that you have a much, much better chance of saving your home and belongings if you create defensible space around your home and adopt firewise practices. We have included several links below that will provide more information on what to do to create defensible space. I want to encourage you not to put this off, but to do it now!

Triple Creek Kitchen
Mortimer\'s Farm
Advert 42
Advert 39
Empire Detail

Next week, from May 23-27th is Heat Awareness Week in Arizona. Did you know that Phoenix reached 102º this month for the first time in 2022? Thankfully, here in Prescott, we have not gotten that warm yet this year, but we usually do have a few 100º and higher days in the summer. And, of course, many of our residents do travel to Phoenix frequently. One thing that is very important to remember in our area is not to leave pets or children in hot cars with the windows rolled up, or even cracked slightly. In Arizona, on average, two children die every year from being left in hot cars. It is also dangerous to leave your pets in a hot vehicle. Certain dog breeds like Pugs and Bulldogs are more even more likely to die while trapped in a hot car! The Arizona Emergency Information Network has an excellent website that addresses Extreme Heat issues and preparedness. We have provided a link below.

Last week, during the voting meeting, Council took several actions: We approved selling the city owned McCormick Street property to the Founding Fathers Collective. The conceptual development plan they put forth is impressive, and will greatly contribute to the downtown area and Granite Creek corridor. The $466,000 sale proceeds will be used to pay down the cost of the new city hall building at Montezuma and Sheldon streets.

Council also approved an Intergovernmental Agreement with Prescott Valley and Yavapai County to preserve Glassford Hill and create a regional park. Once created it will provide many more outdoor recreation areas for Prescott, Prescott Valley and the greater community. This agreement allows for the purchase of approximately 3300 acres of Arizona State Trust Land over the next 10 years. The land will be designated as Open Space and will further extend the current open space property in the Granite Dells.

Council also voted to approve an annexation of the Cactus Ranch Mobile Home Community area. This is an existing 52-unit manufactured home park which is next to the National Veteran’s Cemetery. This annexation will help to ensure that Cactus Ranch has reliable water service and sewer connections for those that live within the park. In return, the City will receive a 26.5 acre-feet water credit for the required abandonment of current wells. The estimated demand for water is 6.4 acre-feet per year.

Most people, when they think of seasons, they think of winter, spring, summer or fall. However, in Arizona, we have a few other seasons that we observe. Right now, we’re in the middle of road construction and maintenance season. As a matter of fact, we have a direct website you can go to and check out all the roadwork being done and planned for this season: Every year, the City spends thousands of dollars on seal coating projects which help to preserve the life of the pavement for many years. On May 18th and 19th, they will be working on North Montezuma between Sheldon and Willis Streets from 7 AM to 6 PM. Lane restrictions and detours will be in effect so plan for travel delays or simply avoid the area for these two days.

I am Mayor Phil Goode and this has been your Weekly Update.


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