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Look what is New in town

CAVI Logistics is a company that partners with clients to provide managed transportation for freight, whether across the world or across the street. From shipping one pallet or up to a truckload, we can help get it to its destination on time and within budget. The team at CAVI Logistics is dedicated to keeping you up to date with industry changes to ensure your freight is handled by the appropriate carrier for your product and customer.  CAVI Logistics has really brought the phrase “One call does it all” to a reality. Are you importing from Asia or Europe? We can handle that too.  In conjunction with our agents and partners, we can move your freight from the factory to your door and have your US Customs Clearance filled and paid all within one system.

Clay and Veronica Camero are the founders of CAVI Logistics. They met in 2005 and married two years later. They have two children: a daughter and a son. In 2020, amid the COVID-19 crises, they chose to move their family from Los Angeles to Prescott. At the time, Clay was a partner in a logistics firm in Los Angeles. Clay sold his shares to his partner and him and Veronica decided to open CAVI Logistics here in Prescott. Clay is the President of the company and Veronica is the General Manager. 

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Behind Clay’s passion for exemplary service and dedication to building trusted, long-lasting relationships, are decades of experience in the shipping industry. He grew up learning every facet of the industry. From working on the dock unloading containers to learning each of the roles and responsibilities in every department. Clay expanded his knowledge into international sales and services and became Director of Sales & Marketing. Eventually he earned the title of Vice President with 50% ownership in the company in Los Angeles. Veronica, in her young adulthood carved a passion for helping people in her local community via a variety of volunteer undertakings. She also worked with non-profit and non-partisan organizations to educate the Latino community about the importance of voting. She then worked directly with city council campaigns in different political parties to gain an all-encompassing knowledge within local politics. Veronica elected to change career paths and completed her certification in human resources and obtained a degree in Psychology. Veronica’s background provides elevated interactions with clients, thereby cultivating long-term relationships.

CAVI Logistics is committed to solidifying existing client relationships. As well as reaching out to other businesses which we have yet to meet. The goal for CAVI Logistics is to help those businesses in the community lower their bottom line by providing additional options for which to move their freight; therefore, increasing efficiency and decreasing workload. By cultivating new friendships, learning about different cultures, and growing businesses, the community’s bottom line can only be impacted by overflowing prosperity. Supporting our community one shipment at a time.

Contact Information:


1. Social media sites- Linkedin: Cavi-Logistics  Facebook: @cavilogistics  Instagram: @cavi_logistics  Twitter: @CaviLogistics 

2. Phone number (928) 237-5588

3. Email info@cavilogistics.com


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